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Family photoshoots aren’t all just about posing, looking at the camera, and smiling.
You might be thinking…’aren’t they though?’
LOL, they are so much more than that.  They are a family outing, a time to bond and spend time together. An hour or two of bonding, laughing, and maybe even rolling around in the dirt.  Okay, that last part applies more to the family dog…or toddlers.
Family sessions can be created around your favourite things to do.  Like go walking through your favourite park. going to a local baseball game, getting ice cream cones and having to lick them faster than they melt.  During these family outings, I gather candids and then what I like to call guided family poses.  These are shots of the family in a group gathering that looks good.  LOL, you don’t want to just take snap shot photos…after all, I bet you know someone with a camera that can take snap shots.  No, I create classic lifestyle portraits that show you and your families great smiles, personalities, and emotions.  If you are a family that loves to goof around, then lets do that!  If you like simplicity, then lets have a relaxed session.
And, it’s always great to see families bring their family pet. This way, we get great portraits with the whole family.  And you can bet your bottom, that if your bring your pet, I am going to get some great candids of him or her.  Just as I would with your children.  Pets are so darn adorable and I love to photograph their personalilties.
From the moment we start talking, I am already getting to know you and am creating your family photo session. And then after the session, you have the option of investing in amazing framed prints, canvases, albums, or digital file packages.  This way you can decorate your home with portraits from your session.
The gallery below is of a fun pet and parent photo session I had with a family in Walkerton. We had discussed having the photo shoot there and they instantly told me about this amazing walking path that ran along the river.  So, without hesitation, we planned their family photoshoot there. And we had the best time, perfect weather, and the trail all to ourselves…which was hard to believe because it was the perfect day to do for a walk.  A big thank you to this family for spending the afternoon with me and showing me this amazing gem of a spot.  I will be taking my dog Sally Pants there in the new future.
So, if you are thinking about getting some family photos to put on your walls, give me a call and I would love to start planning your session.