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First her nose peeks through the door…then she comes barreling in.  Myla the energetic and oh-so-sweet Golden Retriever and her mom and dad are here for their Pet Family Photography session. And even Myla’s sister, Darcy, the black cat has come.

It’s Family Time.

Creating family memories is an incredible experience.  Myla is only 8 months old here and is growing like a weed.  And Darcy, is three years old and the queen of the house. it was time for some family photos with everyone.

This amazing family wanted to get both family photos and photos of each of their fur babies.  Most of all, they wanted to show each of their personalities.

The golden retriever was a ball of happy fun energy.  She loved to sit and cuddle and play with my studio dog toys.  She attended puppy classes at Dog Sense by Kim and you could easily see how smart and keen she was. Her manners were impeccable. Here is one of her portraits.

And then there is her sister Darcy.  Now her sister has a little more attitude than she does.  She wasn’t as bubbly as her sister.  She was a little more pensive and curious of my studio.  She walked around in stealth mode for the first 15 minutes…and then she started to become more comfortable with her surroundings. 

LOL…but she still gave me that portrait that says ‘Don’t Bother Me’.  Which is a look that her parents say she gives a lot.

Here is her portrait.

And then there is mom and dad. They laughed at their fur babies throughout the whole studio portrait session.  And at the end, Mom really wanted a few photos of her baby so they hopped on the bed for some cozy fun photos.