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FAQs about my pet photoshoot

I LOVE OUTDOOR SHOTS, BUT MY DOG CAN’T BE OFF-LEASH. Guess what, 80% of dogs I photograph are on lead! This is both for their safety and to help me keep them focused for the shot. You might not know, but being on leash can actually calm them down…or at the very least, keep them from ‘exploring’. Over the last 5 years, I’ve developed affective techniques to achieve great images while working with on-lead dogs. And due to the amazing abilities of photoshop, I can make the leash disappear n– people will never know it was there!

MY DOG DOESN’T HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT. WHAT’S MY OPTION? Oh my heart goes out to you right now. Joy Sessions are available for those pets that are at the end of their time with us.  Contact me and I will give every effort to adjust my schedule to book you in as soon as possible. And we can either have your pet session outside, in my Owen Sound Studio, or in the comfort of your home.

16-year old Senior Dog with cataracts,

YOU’RE PHOTOGRAPHING MY PET, WHAT DO I DO AT THE PHOTO SESSION? Guess what? You will have a key role in your pet’s session. In addition to you being chill and relaxed…you are my assistant…a.k.a. Pet Whisperer.  Because your pet trusts you and has a relationship with you, you are very valuable to me. 

I ask that you come to the session relaxed and cheerful because dogs easily pick up on our emotions. So if you are relaxed, your pet is relaxed. If you are stressed, your pet is stressed 😉

And as my assistant, you will pose, play, cuddle and run around with your dog.  LOL, and if we are trying to get one pose, or the perfect running shot, don’t be alarmed if we have to do 2, 3, or 5 times…hehe sometimes practice (for your dog) makes it perfect.

DO YOU PHOTOGRAPH PETS OTHER THAN DOGS? Eeeek, that’s a big YEPPERS! The majority of my clients are dogs, but I also love photographing horses, cats, bunnies and other animals that you call family.

I HAVE MORE THAN ONE PET, CAN I INCLUDE ALL OF THEM? My ‘The Great Outdoors’ session generally includes up to 2 pets and my Modern Hound Studio Session is for one pet, however. As you may very well know, adding more pets into the mix can complicate things…lol, adding distractions and bodies to the photos. BUT, that doesn’t mean I can’t work my magic, it just takes a little more time to get the shot.  If you have more than 2 pets, simply bring them (lol but let me know) and I will allow for the extra shooting and editing time. You’ll view approximately 20 extra images per extra pet.

WILL I BE PHOTOGRAPHED WITH MY PET? Once again this is a big YEPPERS! I love capturing the special bond between pet and their parents. Generally a pet session is all about the dog/horse/cat, but then at the end of the session, we do a mini pet-parent bonding session. I showcase your relationship with each other. 

In addition, we can also create a Family Photo Session that incorporates family pets. All you have to do is let me know what you are wanting regarding photos at our Meet & Greet, and I will create a custom photo session for you.

DO YOU DO FAMILY PHOTOS WITHOUT PETS? Hehehe, I am predominantly a pet photographer, as my photographic focus is on your pets. However, if you don’t have a pet, but love animals, still reach out to me as I would love to hear from you