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When I was little, and I mean when I wore my rain boots everyday so that I could jump in any puddle that got in my way, I loved going to my uncle Harold’s.  Why?  Well you see he is a farmer, and had a big barn full of hay, fields of corn, a pasture with cows, and a river that ran fast at the foot of his property.  And best of all, every year he always had barn kittens and calfs to play with.  I was in heaven. It truly was my favourite place to go.  Sometimes I spent the afternoon fishing for rock bass or chasing kittens in the hay bales, or playing tag amounts the corn stalks.  Shhhh, don’t tell my uncle though as that was a secret.
Farm life is full of beauty, excitement, education, and hard working families.
About a month ago Jamie and I went to his sister’s home to play cards.  And oh my goodness, what fun we had.  We not only played cards, we hand fed calves, watched how dairy cows are milked, cuddled with kittens, and even saw a baby calf being born.  It was a night to remember.
Here is a collection of images that I took that night.  Now, I don’t have any pictures of the calf being born as I was enjoying the miracle with my own eyes.