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Mini Sessions vs Full Sessions

So you definitely want beautiful family photos of your family and/or fur-babies!  That’s a no-brainer! 

But, you may have noticed that I offer both Full Sessions and Mini Sessions for Family Photography, Pet Photography, and Maternity Photography.  But what’s the difference?  What would suite you and your photo needs best?

Thus, I thought that I would enlighten you on the differences so that you can make a sound decision.

The above photos are from three Individual Full Sessions, two on-location and one studio 🙂

Full Portrait Sessions are available for: Pet Photography, Horse & Rider Photography, Family Photography, Maternity Photography, Lifestyle Newborn Photography, and Dance Photography

My Full Sessions are very popular as they are fully customized to your every need and want.  For instance, we can go anywhere for your session:

  • We can go to the beach and run barefoot in the sand,
  • Hike your favourite trail and have ice cream,
  • Find the best Fall Backdrop and have family photos there,
  • Stay home and photograph in the comfort of your home, or
  • Head to my studio and not worry about wind/rain/snow.

The location ideas are endless.

And location actually plays a big roll in the look & feel of your photos and how your photos will look on your walls. Thus, it’s is very important to consider location when choosing what photos to put on your walls.  For instance, if we have a session in the fall with a colourful background with yellows, oranges and reds, BUT your walls are baby blue, the photos might not look as nice on your walls.  However, if we had photos done at the beach, these photos would be more visually pleasing on your baby blue walls.

Plus you get dibs on the best light. Generally this is a few hours before sunset.  Having your photos taken under the best light ensures your photos will be amazing and look like all the other photos on my website.

In addition, Full Sessions are about 1 – 2 hours long. But honestly, I don’t watch the clock.  We simply have a fun session and don’t stress about time.  A longer session gives you the freedom to have multiple wardrobe changes, go to different spots within your location, and get a diversity of photos.  Longer sessions truly tell your families story.  And you don’t have to stress about getting the shot in 15 minutes.

In addition, I am with your through the whole process. We talk everything out so that you don’t feel stressed or uncertain about anything. AND if you want help choosing prints and photo products for your walls and coffee table, we can have a design appointment at my studio 🙂

Full Sessions are perfect for people:

  • Who want lots of time to capture her family just the way they are.
  • With younger children or dogs who need time to warm up to the camera.
  • Who want lots of photos of their growing and ever changing family.
  • Who don’t want to be stressed for time.
  • Want to include the whole extended family…heck ya!
  • Want to decorate their home with their photos or get a beautiful album full of images

The above photos are from three different mini sessions, two on-location and one studio 🙂

Okay okay, Full Sessions sound fun and amazing. But they aren’t for everyone.

So why would a mini session be great for you?

Mini Sessions are perfect for moms who just want a few beautiful photos of her family and fur-babies.  These shorter sessions are great for busy moms who have lots on the go.  In addition, shorter sessions are idea for dads and young children who may get bored quickly 😉  Mini Sessions are also fantastic if you love to update your family photo wall every year with new and current photos.  Or maybe you have a family milestone coming up, like a graduation.  Mini sessions are fantastic to celebrate and honour this time in you family’s life.

The main difference is that Mini Sessions are not customizable, are only 15 minutes long and include a smaller selection of digital images and prints.  Basically I pick the location and time and you bring your family.  LOL, now generally you can pick a time within the time-slot I have allotted, but sometimes the pickings are slim if you book the last spot 😉  And all photos occur in one spot at the pre-determined location 🙂  BUT I am gifted at photographing mini sessions and you will be pleasantly surprised at the diversity of photos you get.

With mini sessions, I send automated emails to all families participating.  These emails prepare everyone on what to expect, wardrobe ideas and what to do if the weather is poor. 

Mini Sessions are perfect for:

  • Busy Families
  • Families with short attention spans (hehe mainly dads)
  • Moms wanting a few photos to decorate the house with
  • Families wanting to update their yearly photo
  • Families on a budget

Because of the shorter time frame and limited spots, Mini Sessions are only offered for Family Photography, Pet Photography, Horse & Rider Sessions and Maternity Photography. They are not offered to Dance and Newborn Session as I need more time to photograph these. In addition, the editing process is generally longer for these sessions.

So what are you leaning more towards? Full Sessions Or Mini Sessions?

Contact me today to find out more.