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Your heart is filled with joy and happiness the moment you wake up to when you put your head down for the night.  Why? Because you love the sound of little feet scampering around the house, hearing giggles in the next room, camping and roasting marshmallows with the whole family, and just being together.

Mr. N and Mrs. C have never had a maternity shoot. So when they found out they were pregnant with their 3rdchild, and they were due for family photos, they knew they wanted to get photos to capture this time in everyone’s lives.

Fast forward a few months and this lovely family enjoyed a fun-filled maternity session together. They celebrated mom’s baby bump by creating special memories together.
And how do you celebrate your grown family during a maternity session? Why you jump on the bed, drive small toys on mom’s stomach, take a moment to listen to baby, and have los of fun exploring the property.

We had their photo shoot in the cute little town of Tara, at their gorgeous home. When I first arrived, the little girl immediately welcomed me and had to show me the dress she was going to wear. She was even more excited for the photo shoot then I was.  As she ran to get her dress, her little brother napped quietly in the next room. He was getting his ‘beauty sleep’ before the photo shoot.

After little S got up from his nap, everyone had a bite to eat and then up the stairs we went to the master bedroom.  This room is full of cuddling memories and great light and space. Picture Perfect.  We finalized wardrobe choice, moved some pillows around, and then created lasting family memories. After having some fun jumping on the bed, the birds chirping at the window drew us outside for the second half of the maternity family session.  After all, this family loves being outside and wanted to create memories around their big backyard.

Oh the kids were at home outside.  There was lots of running (and yes falling down…and getting back up), playing in the creek, imitating the chickens, and walking hand in hand with mom and dad.

This was a wonderful family maternity session that will truly be remembered forever.

If you’re thinking about creating memories like this family did, call me and I’d be happy to talk to you about your very own custom photo session.

Here is a collection of photos that tells this families story.