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Candra Schank Photography Wall Art of a lady and her dog

Wall art of our dogs and children

Going From Phone Photos To Wall Portraits:

Raise your hand if you agree that your dog and children grow up way to fast!

I have raised both of my hands…one hand for my dog Sally Pants and one hand for stepkids Carter and Madelyn.  And now I am hooping on one foot because I raised a leg for how fast time is flying by.  Sally Pants is now 11 and Carter and Madelyn are now teenagers.

I have been photographing families and dogs all over Owen Sound and Grey Bruce now for over 10 years; and I when I get talking with the families I work with, I often have families tell me that they lose track of time.  And before they know it, their dogs have grown out of the puppy stage, has grey hair and their children are heading to College/University.  

And I ask them if they have portraits of their fur babies and children printed and displayed throughout their home, documenting little moments and milestone moments.  And they respond…”well I do have lots on my phone.” 

And I agree…I love having my phone and snapping photos of Sally Pants and the kids.  I snap weird photos of Sally Pants sleeping, playing, or just being her wacky self.  And I find I open up my phone and scroll through looking at these photos at random moments throughout the day 

So I completely understand.

Hehe, but what if your phone broke or was stolen? Or maybe you want to be in the photos too? ;). This is one reason why I am a big advocator of printing your photos. Whether its a 5×7 or a big beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas or Framed Print, printing and displaying your photos for all to see is an amazing feeling. It puts smiles on people’s faces when they walk into a room and see a beautiful portrait or candid moment displayed proudly. It also records history and can be shown to family members throughout your life. Honestly, printed images only get better with time. 10 years later you will be amazed how you feel when you see the photos that captured a time in your life that feels like a life time ago…and nostalgic feelings or joy will most likely consume you :).

A photography service I provide all families: Documenting and Printing For The Future

I can help you document these amazing times in your life and be reminded of them everyday.  Together we plan the perfect pet or family session. If you are wanting candid photos then we focus on that! If you want more posed stylized portraits then we do that…and often we do a get a balance of the two.

BUT the priority is capturing your dog or children just the way they are!

I work with families all over Owen Sound and Grey Bruce to create memories, strengthen bonds, and decorate their homes with beautiful memories in the form of custom Wall Art and Photo Albums that are filled with photos of their dogs and children.  I help you pick the right product (canvas, frame, acrylic, keepsake portrait box, or album) to display your photos.  And then you don’t have to raise a finger, I do all the final editing, ordering and shipping.  You just sit back and let me do the work…after all, I know you’re a busy person.  Then when your beautiful custom art work comes in, I deliver it to you.  And if you need help hanging it, I will put you in contact with a great handy-man. 

And more specifically, I can give you as much guidance and hands-on as you need or want. Some families know exactly what they want, like an album, or a storyboard or a portrait box (heheh my 3 most loved products), so my guidance is limited. While others need more help choosing the right product and size for their home and decorations. I act as your confidant and guide. I am never here to push something on you that doesn’t light you up. You get what your heart loves.

And within a few months of your session you have art work of your dog and/or family displayed in your home that brings you joy, happiness, and fulfillment.   This way we get your photos off your phone and into your home, displayed on your walls, bookshelves and coffee tables.

Please connect with me today if you would love to learn more about having your pet photographed…simply email me at candraschankphotography@gmail.com

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