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There’s something truly amazing about these two. Maybe it’s their fantastic connection, the twinkle in their eyes when they look at each other, or the energy that radiates from them, or the love they have for their adorable son? Okay, it’s all of these and much much more.
I love their story of how they started dating too. And it can all be credited to a mutual friend.  This friend knew that Michelle and Brent were single at the same time.  And since Michelle and Brent were fabulous and fun people, this friend knew they would hit it off.  Well, I heard it took 5 months after the initial ‘You two must date’ before Michelle made the first move. Yep, Michelle was the go getter here.  But Brent did play hard to get, but not intentionally as he was away for the weekend with the boys and didn’t receive Michelle’s inquiry to ‘Go Out’.
LOL, so after waiting a few days, and even asking a friend if she knew anything, Michelle waited a little longer.  And then before she knew it…and Brent knew it…they were dating…and inseparable.  They clicked!
And through these images you can see that.  They are always smiling, laughing and enjoying each other.  I just love these two and cannot wait to photograph their fabulous outside wedding in August. The count down is on!
Congratulations Michelle and Brent
Oh and if I got some of the details mixed up, feel free to let all of us know 😉 We would love to hear more about your story.