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Pet photography, heck ya! Family Photography, you betcha! Motherhood Photography…which includes both Maternity Sessions and Newborn Sessions, heck yeah!  I am an Owen Sound Pet Photographer and Family Photographer and these are all genres’s I photograph.

But what’s involved? And what to expect!

Every photographer has their own style, look, processes and experiences.  Some are similar, some are very different.  And evolved out of years of experience, what feels right, what works, and from my own family, step kids and dog Sally Pants crazy, chaotic, wonderful life that we live.  Originally, my style was all over the place.  I always said I can photograph the way you want me to.  But then I found that my work was mediocre…and it didn’t really light me or my families up.  Now, I consider myself a lifestyle photographer with an emphasis on Moment Driven Portraits.  This mean, yes I include a little posing BUT a lot of authenticity and real moments that unfold and really light us up.

I truly love the classical posed portrait shots.  And even strive to get some of these into my workflow, however.  Over the years working with so many families, various ages of pets and children, and the myriads of personalities out there, has taught me to let go.  Let go of the precision and be in love with what’s going on in the moment.  Let go of the plan and embrace the chaos.  Let go of perfection and love the imperfection.  And follow a more relaxed, stressed free experience…and let your pets and child lead the pace. Yes, I still strive for all of those (precision, plan, perfection), however.  I plan and guide my sessions AND then let life happen.  Let those cute interactions, gestures occur.  Let the unexpected explosion of energy and personality happen.  If a dog needs to run around the studio, or a child cry for a few minutes, I let it happen.  And grab a few photos along the way.  Letting life happen in front of the camera, allows for authentic and real experiences to occur…and this has led me to the way I approach my work as a portrait photographer.  Patience in my middle name.

No two pets, people, and families are the same.  Nor do I want them to be.  Thus, I have a handful of ‘go-to’ ways to lightly pose and then let the interactions within that pose happen.  That’s where the magic happens.  I always like to do a few of those ‘formal let’s look at the camera’ photos throughout the session…and fill in the rest with fun ‘let’s’ be ourselves poses.  I have prompts and games that get people engaged. I love to let the family (specifically the pets and kids) take the wheel. That might sound scary to parents or someone who doesn’t love to be photographed, but extend a little trust my way and I promise the result will be SO YOU. And that is where magic happens.  But rest assured, I still guide poses and interactions throughout the whole experience.  That way you know you will be photographed well.

Throughout the session, we move from one area in the studio or on-location to another, getting authentic photos.  Some will be looking at the camera while others will have a more candid feel.  NOW, a studio session tends to have more ‘guided poses’ BUT the photos never feel over posed.  I actually love studio photos A LOT as I find the minimalist feel, simple backdrops and lack of props allow the pets, children and families to take centre stage.  I recommend simple colour palettes…often white, or a solid colour so that expressions shine through.  Some people don’t like to dress in white, especially since I photograph with a white background a lot.  They think they become washed out and fade into the background.  While you may think this happens, it’s actually a beautiful look that allows limited distractions to occur in the photo.  Your attention goes to the beautiful expressions of the subjects.  Heheh this is also known as Hi-Key or Scandinavian look as it has a ‘spa’ light and fresh feel.  If you don’t like this look then I recommend people wear soft or neutral tones.  And I can also change the colour of my backgrounds.

I am not a photographer that likes to create sets with lots of props, nor do I put newborns in poses that are soooo unnatural looking (chins on their fists).  I am a true believer in Connection over Perfection. Capturing the Bond between two souls is perfect. The way we naturally connect with those we love and our fur babies is the most beautiful thing.  So I strive to show that in your photos.  I achieve this through the trust we make with each other and the playful guided interactions I suggest throughout the session.

I would love the opportunity to photograph your pet or family.  If this all makes you feel amazing, please reach out to me and we can schedule a chat on the phone.  Heheh or we can just converse over email…after all, I know not everyone loves talking on the phone 😉