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I found myself thinking today. Thinking about my dog Sally Pants. You see, she is my little companion. My four-legged BFF. My confidant. She is often on my mind.

Today, she wasn’t moving as fast…or shall I say, as energetically as she does. She wasn’t at my feet every step I took. Instead, she laid on the couch, watching me with her big beautiful brown eyes. However, she almost seemed frail…

And it was my boyfriend, Jamie, who noticed that she wasn’t bounding around as usual…even when it was only 6am.

It’s now 10am. And I am excited to report that she had her play time with her toy squirrel. Now she is resting on her pink pillow (yep she has a pink pillow).

side note…LOL…she just looked up at me, lifted her ears and tilted her head. Ah, I am smiling inside and out looking at her.

Sally pants is only 7 years old. A teenager for her breed (schnauzer-poodle).

But when she seemed frail today on the couch, it got me thinking…out loud I have to admit. “She is getting up there in age. I hope she is well and not sore from our long walk yesterday.”

And then I looked over at the photo I took of her when I had her for less than a week…and I smiled. That was 6 years ago…and she was around 1 years old and an energetic, licking machine (lol she loves to lick and give kisses). The day at the dog park came flooding back. Memories of when I picked her up and took her home for the first time filled me with happiness. Sally pants is my little girl.

And I have to be honest. I love being a dog photographer. I love that I have taken lots of photos of my little black dog. I love that I have portraits of her all around my home. Over the years I have captured all her amazing personalities, traits, expressions, and more.

Now I am lucky…I love taking photos of our dogs. But not everyone is a pet photographer. Or can take nice photos of their energetic, black dog. Some people don’t even know that pet photography is ‘a thing’. And pet photo shoots aren’t just a photo shoot. I truly love capturing beautiful portraits of our pets that will elicit true emotions every time you look at them. They are an enjoyable experience where you create memories and moments that you are able to decorate your home with. And it gives you the opportunity to be in the photos too. Hanging dog portraits (and yes cat portraits and horse portraits) in your home creates a home full of happiness.

Now Sally Pants is 7 years old. She’s not a spring chicken but I know I have lots of time with her to make more amazing memories.

I will be cuddling with her lots today and giving her little kisses. And yes, I might even take another photo of her.

LOL, and yes, all the photos in this blog post are of my Sally Pants