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Something you don’t know about me


Can you guess what the topic of this blog post is?  Nope, I don’t have a cold.  I have allergies

Pet & Equine Photographer with Allergies – bahahaa

I am a Pet Photographer and Equine Photographer whom is allergic to her models.  Yep, I am allergic to dogs, cats, hay, grass, dust mites, tree pollen, and rag-weed.  I also have various food intolerances (i.e. bananas, pine apples) and I am lactose intolerant.

LOL, how hilarious is it that I am allergic to the things I photograph.

If I don’t take my allergy medicine every morning, I become a lady who sneezes often, eyes water, and I endure a running nose. And yep, I get hives (especially when I have bare legs in tall grass).  Not the nicest feeling or look.

Side note – when you are very allergic to grass, refrain from having a grass fight with fresh cut grass.  I did this mistake when I was a little girl and I ended up in the hospital over night. 

Following My Passion to be a Pet Photographer

You might think…’Oh my goodness, how does she cope?’  LOL with lots of pre-planning 😉

It’s simple; when I know I am going to be outside and around animals, I take allergy medicine every morning.  And then I take another allergy pill around an hour before a Pet Photography or Equine Photography session.  This insures that I am not a blubbering snot mess at a photo session. LOL

Sometimes, my medicine wears off before I expect it too, and then in the middle of a pet session I start sneezing, and yep you called it, my nose constantly runs.  I must dash for a Kleenex or I will embarrass myself. 

So if you see me start to squirm and sneeze…you know what is happening.

Crazy for animals

I have always been so comfortable with animals, which is why I chose a career that involves them.  I am that person that gets a slightly high pitch voice filled with excitement when I meet new animals.  I ask to pet an animal them and give them lots of attention…and treats.  So, no allergy will get in my way of being around animals that fill my heart will love.

And being an animal lover, you can count on me having them in my home.  Currently, I have a Dive Dog, named Sally Pants, whom is hypo-allergenic.  She is a Schnauzer-Poodle mix…a.k.a Schnoodle. Due to her being part poodle, and having poodle type hair, I am not allergic to her.  That calls for a happy dance and a Hurray! 

And guess what? We adopted a beautiful kitten and named her Hurricane Ivy.  LOL, and she has long hair.  When I first saw her at Georgain Triangle Humane Society I new she was the kitten for us…and I didn’t even notice her fur.  LOL, my cat allergy is very mild so I was optimistic she wouldn’t bother me.  And I had my fingers crossed that she would produce low levels of the protein (Fel d 1 / Fel d 2-8) and thus wouldn’t be bothered by her. 

So far, my allergies do ‘act up around her’ BUT only very VERY mildly and I take allergy medicine already so it doesn’t bother me. 

Why Am I a Pet Photographer, if I have such bad allergies?

Well, one thing that I tell people is “Never-ever stop doing something you love just because there is something getting in your way.”  There is always a solution to a problem. And in my case, it’s allergy medicine.

If I let my allergies control my life, I would live in my bedroom and not be around all the amazing animals and families I photograph.  I would be a sad lady.  Instead, I love what I do and am excited to get out of bed every morning.