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Hazel, a rescue that has stollen so many hearts.
I first met Hazel during a family photoshoot when she was just a puppy.  She was full of energy and very smart as she followed simple commands.  Sit, Stay….Tweet Tweet….LOL, birds caught her curiosity though.  But when she sat and looked at the camera, Voila.  The camera loved her.family.
Then, fast forward a year and a half.  Oh my, sweet Hazel got bigger.  Duh!  LOL, but she is as loving and fun as I remembered.  This time we had a pet session that was just based around her.  Yep, she was pampered and spoiled with lots and lots of yummy cheese balls.  Yep, cheese balls.  I cracked up laughing when I found out that she loved those.  And would do almost anything for one.  Our favourite pose…a cheese ball on her paw.  So cute.
We had a lot of fun posing, jumping, and peering out the window.  A big Thank you to Hazel and Tiffany for coming out to my studio for a fun Pet Photography session.