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Winter Pet Photoshoot
As I drove up to Indie’s home I looked down at my Jeep thermometer and it read -11 degrees Celsius. My goodness, that’s been the coldest we have had since Mother Nature’s hot spell the week before.  Without hesitation, I put on my winter gloves, pulled my hat over my ears and grabbed my camera.  Cold temperatures weren’t going to stop me from having this pet photoshoot.  No way, no how!  But I secretly hoped my camera could handle the cold too.  Spoil Alert – My fuji X-T1 and lens performed flawlessly in the cold temperatures.
As I stepped outside, the heat of the sun hit my face, warming my cold checks, and I smiled up at the blue sky.  This was going to be a fabulous pet photoshoot with Indie.
As I approached the front door, I could hear Indie happily saying hello from inside.  And then as I was welcomed by Heather (Indie’s owner), Indie bounded up to me to say ‘Lets go lets go!’  LOL, I greeted him with a pat on the head and gave him a gift – a pink squeaky toy.  He took the squeaky toy and joyfully ran around the house.  This was Heather’s chance to show me her fabulous home, which was awesome.  I fell in love with a barn door that was used to conceal a small storage room.  And then there was the yellow chair.  OMG!  I turned to Heather and she knew what I was thinking – the perfect photoshoot prop.  She squealed with me and we grabbed it for the photoshoot.
Then it was time to head outside for Indie’s pet photoshoot.  Now Indie is a Whippet, and Whippets don’t have hair like a husky, and are known to get cold easily.  NOPE.  Indie was a trooper.  He loved being outside in the snow, bounding around like a free spirit.  He was a hoot to watch.  And he posed so well for the camera.  LOL, now he didn’t like to sit in the snow as his bum got a little cold – no doubt 😉  When prompted (and sometimes helped) he would get up on the fabulous yellow chair, the tractor, and even sit in the middle of the road for us.  Indie rocked his photoshoot.
I told Heather that this Summer I would love to come out again and have a similar photoshoot.  I love doing photoshoots of the same dog in different seasons!  I cannot wait.  Only 6 more months to go.  Actually, 25 more days as I am photographing Heather and Darren’s enchanting outdoor Winter Wedding at Dual Acres farm.  I believe Indie will be in a few of the morning shots.  I am counting down my sleeps.