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Valla the Cocker Spaniel / Pet Photographer / Dog Photographer

When you wake up your dog is beside you. When you’re having your morning coffee, you dog is there with you.  She follows you around the house, and often into the bathroom with you 😉  At night she cuddles with you on the couch, with her head resting on your lap.

She is your fur baby.

Valla, the spry senior Chocolate Cocker Spaniel, is just like this. She loves being around her human mom and feels comfortable and safe around her.  And oh my dear, Valla has a fun and calming personality. 

Her mom won a gift certificate at Precious Paws Rescue’s annual charity event last summer. She was so excited to get some professional portraits of her dear little Valla.

We had her Pet Photography session at the Collingwood Arboretum.  It was a warm fall day, and the whole family came out.  With Valla’s age (she is a senior dog), she is starting to go slightly blind and deaf.  But this didn’t affect her eagerness and energy to please her mom and pose for the camera.  As long as her mom was close to her, and she had her favourite treats, she posed pretty for the camera.  LOL, it was so cute, if I asked her mom to come stand by me, Valla would follower her.  Hehehe, so we often posed Valla near her mom and then had other family members near me to get her attention so she would look at the camera. 

Because Valla is extremely close with her mom and her family, we captured lots of photos of everyone together.  These photos meant a lot to the little girls’ as Valla is an important part in their lives; Valla is their fur sister.

The girls even became my assistants.  To create some fun fine art portraits of Valla, the girls held things in front of my camera, got Valla’s attention, and even posed with her.  They were a great help. Here are some of our favourites from Valla’s Pet Photography session.