Beautiful Boudoir / Candra Schank Photography

You! Beautiful You! Confident You! Sexy You!

Boudoir by Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Boudoir. Owen Sound Boudoir.

Boudoir by Candra Schank Photography.

Boudoir isn’t a style or genre of photography. It’s an experience that showcases your amazing confidents, courage, self-recognition, and love.

And every woman has her own story; her own reason for doing a Boudoir session with me.

I had the honour of photographing Miss T a few months back.  At first she was a little nervous, but who wouldn’t be when you are revealing your true self, but then without even realizing it, she transformed into the confident woman she is.

Here is Miss T’s words about her experience; let her words empower you too.  She is now a Queen Bee Boudoir Beauty.

Boudoir?  No way I am the body shape and size to be photographed in my undies!  Now way am I confident enough to pull this off!  How dare my devilish side take control and agree to participate in such craziness!

Sexy outfits?  Nope.  I am a mom who, when best dressed for bed, wears a pair of capris and a tank top.  Who has time for sexy things?  To save me the mental agony of designing a wardrobe, Candra gave me a list, a detailed list, of things that she thought would be nice.  So, off I went to shop.  Thank goodness the ladies at La Senza knew just what I should wear! 

The day arrived.  My husband asked me in the morning if I was absolutely sure I could do it.  I replied with “of course I can’t – but I committed!”  and I was out the door.

First stop, Shoppers Drug Mart to see the talented Mallory.  She was amazing!  She included me on some makeup decisions, showed me a few neat tricks and sent me on my way.

Second stop, Kathy’s Hair Salon to see the fabulous Heather.  She, too, was amazing! 

Third stop, the moment of truth.  The one moment I didn’t think I would make it through!  As I scolded myself to grow up, I knocked on the door of the studio to Candra’s smiling face.  She was there to greet me, instantly making me feel more comfortable. 

Candra asked to see what goodies I purchased to wear.  As I showed her, her creative energy began to flow.  As she helped me imagine what she was hoping to capture, I began to relax.  She empowered me to trust myself, my body, and her camera.  She envisioned grandeur and romanticism – that is what she got!

Low and behold, the photo shoot was a period of time where I completely trusted the person behind the camera.   Candra was honest and open and in doing so she was able to catch some of my best angles.  She made my “mom body” look not so “mom-like”.  She allowed me to express myself in the modest way that I was comfortable with, and never forced me out of that comfort zone.  Candra respected my self-consciousness, while bringing out strengths I didn’t know I had.

I do not have a perfect body, but I certainly felt perfect in it that day.  My hope is that women of all walks of life consider doing something a little risky.  Walk on the edge – it feels amazing!  Believe in yourself, and beYOUtiful! 

Miss T  xo


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Michelle and Brent’s Engagement / Candra Schank Wedding Photography

There’s something truly amazing about these two. Maybe it’s their fantastic connection, the twinkle in their eyes when they look at each other, or the energy that radiates from them, or the love they have for their adorable son? Okay, it’s all of these and much much more.

I love their story of how they started dating too. And it can all be credited to a mutual friend.  This friend knew that Michelle and Brent were single at the same time.  And since Michelle and Brent were fabulous and fun people, this friend knew they would hit it off.  Well, I heard it took 5 months after the initial ‘You two must date’ before Michelle made the first move. Yep, Michelle was the go getter here.  But Brent did play hard to get, but not intentionally as he was away for the weekend with the boys and didn’t receive Michelle’s inquiry to ‘Go Out’.

LOL, so after waiting a few days, and even asking a friend if she knew anything, Michelle waited a little longer.  And then before she knew it…and Brent knew it…they were dating…and inseparable.  They clicked!

And through these images you can see that.  They are always smiling, laughing and enjoying each other.  I just love these two and cannot wait to photograph their fabulous outside wedding in August. The count down is on!

Congratulations Michelle and Brent

Oh and if I got some of the details mixed up, feel free to let all of us know 😉 We would love to hear more about your story.

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Amanda and Stan’s Wedding / Candra Schank Wedding Photography

Knock Knock Knock….that’s me knocking on the door to Amanda’s room at the Walters Falls Inn Spa and Resort. Amanda’s eyes went big with excitement when she say me…this was about to get ‘real’.  She is about to marry her loving fiancé, Stan in 35 minutes. Eeeek.  As I entered the room she was about to step into her stunning wedding dress and her maid-of-honour, which is one of Stan’s sisters was doing some last minute hair and makeup touch ups. And my-oh-my, these two were full of giggles and enthusiasm.  In fact, at one point they did the ‘Monster Mash’ walk across the room.  Which is one of my favourite photos.  And from that moment on I had a fabulous time documenting their wedding.

Amanda and Stan had chosen to have a beautiful intimate wedding with their immediate family members.  They wanted a candid documentary approach to show the fun and delight in the air. Here is their photo story.


If you would like to book or want more information, please fill out my contact form and I will get back to you as fast as I can. Contact Candra

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Bognor Marsh Engagement Session / Candra Schank Wedding Photography

40 more sleeps….35 more sleeps….30 more sleeps…and the count down is on to Samantha and Marks glorious outdoor wedding on their fabulous property.  And as an early celebration and time to relax and be with each other, they had their engagement session at Bognor Marsh Conservation Authority.Rain didn’t stop these two from having their fabulous engagement session.  Okay, our first attempt it did…but that’s because it rained ‘Cats & Dogs’ that night.  We rescheduled and even thought rain threatened in the distance we had a fun time at Bognor Marsh.

These two have a kindred connection and twinkle in their eyes when they look at each other.  And then Sam gives this playful grin as she looks up to Mark and you know that they are the happiest people in the world.  They are about to become Husband and Wife…and grow old together…and raise a loving family.

Congratulations Sam and Mark!




If you would like to contact me about your upcoming wedding please fill out this form and I will get back to you ASAP. Contact Form

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Smile! It’s Your Wedding Day!

Wedding photography by Candra Schank Photography. Owen Sound Wedding Photographer. Grey Bruce Wedding Photographer.

Wedding photography by Candra Schank Photography

She peers out the window into a beautiful water vista.  People are busy below decorating the wedding arbor and chairs on the golf course.  She turns around with the biggest smile and you know exactly what she is thinking…“Eeeek…I’m about to marry my best friend”

Karen and Gordan tied the knott at the beautiful Cobble Beach Golf Resort.  Where Karen got ready in the lovely honeymoon suite with her sister Kelly and friend Glenda. As they all dressed, the room was full of giggles, smiles, and positive energy.  And then Karen stepped into the room dressed to the nines in an elegant wedding dress. She was stunning!

In the room beside them, Gord (the groom) and groomsmen prepared for the day. Along side them was Turtle, Karen and Gord’s fabulous service dog. Gord and Turtle were dressed in traditional Scottish attire, both wearing a kilt….not a skirt 😉

I have to say that Karen and Gord are amazing and fun people. During their vows, each of them shared their own words…and even jokes.  Laughter and smiles filled the air. It was truly an honour to have spent the day with them.


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Summer Family and Pet Mini Sessions

Hey all! My Spring Family Mini Session on June 16th was amazing.  It was so nice to meet new families and even photograph a few families I first met a couple years ago. Thanks for coming out…even when it was raining.

I am now super excited for my July 15th Family mini session.  July’s weather is faithfully warm, sunny, and blue sky forecast.  The perfect weather for a fun and fabulous photo session.  This series will be held at Grey Sauble Conservation Authority near Inglis Falls. I love this location as it has fabulous Willow trees! Oh la la! You can either book a family session, pet session or Family & pet session!

Click and Book today and we can start planning your personal session today.

If you want to learn more about your session or alternative dates, download my Mini session document: SummerFallMiniSessions2017.compressed

Family and Pet photo sessions by Candra Schank Photography

Summer Mini Sessions



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Lindsay and Dan’s Maternity Session / Candra Schank Photography

An Elegant Early Evening Maternity Session!

You know, the glow of an expecting mom is one of the loveliest and purest things about a pregnancy.  And Lindsay definitely had that glow.  And at 30 weeks she was nice and round 😉 The little girl inside of her was healthy an happy and gave her mom no troubles throughout the session.  Yep, you read that right, Lindsay and Dan are having a girl!

Lindsay couldn’t stop smiling the moment I arrived for their maternity session.  And you know what, Dan was also full of smiles.  Even better, both of them smiled with their eyes.  They beamed with happiness. They have a gorgeous property with lots of trees, shade and a field that I got really excited about. Who doesn’t love photos in a field near sunset.

It is without further ado that I present Lindsay and Dan’s Maternity photos.  Congratulations you two and may your future be full of laughs, tears of joy, and little baby giggles.

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Janice and Steve’s amazing Wedding / Candra Schank Photography

I was counting down the sleeps to Janice and Steve’s Wedding day!

Why do I love photographing weddings?  That’s simple! I love capturing a single yet magical day for a family to remember forever. Having the opportunity to get to know a family, learning about their unique story, and then recording the first day of their new chapter together is AMAZING.  Many memories will be created on their wedding day and many more cherished for years to come.

I first spoke to Janice and Steve in the spring of 2016 via a very uplifting phone call where I learned about their journey, their two adorable girls (Emily and Megan), and what they planned for their Fall wedding.

Their story is magical! For the past 22 years they have supported each other, loved each other, moved from one home to another, one school to another, one job to another…all the while growing stronger and building their family together.  First came sweet Emily and then little Megan and before you know it…wedding bells were in the air.  I love this story.  And even better, their two precious girls get to be involved in the wedding planning and wedding day.  YAY!

The four of them…and their families…would celebrate the last 22 years together…and many more to come.

They first planned to be married in the Fall of 2016 but life took a different path and they decided it was better to be married in the Spring of 2017. And what a wedding they had!  Their close friends and family came out to Legacy Ridge for a very fun wedding.  The day was full of smiles, stories, and lots and lots of photo-bombs.  Yes photo-bombs!  The children loved to surprise me and photo bomb the pictures.  Heheheh but I have eyes in the back of my head and saw it happening.  Neverless, I never acknowledged that and had a blast as they photo-bombed the pictures.

Janice and Steves wedding was the perfect way to start my wedding season off with a hit.

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Pet Adoptions / Candra Schank Pet Photography

Candra Schank Pet Photography. Grey Bruce Pet Photographer. Owen Sound Pet Photographer.

Candra Schank Pet Photography

Adopt Today

I love this quote “There is only one happiness in this life, to love a rescue, and be loved by a rescue”

Yes, I know that there are more things that bring happiness to you. But, adopting a rescue pet is definitely one of them for me.

I adopted my little Sallypants 4 years ago and she has brightened my world.

And I highly encourage others to adopt their next pet from a shelter and bring love and happiness to a shelter dog or cat.  It’s a life-changing choice that will find you a furry BFF that will love you unconditionally – Always and forever!

I have partnered with the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter to photograph their dogs and cats that are up for adoption.  The photos I will be taking will be valuable to you and the shelter as they are a means to introduce the community to loving dogs and cats that are looking for a loving home.  Here are some photos that I took of their cats…and a precious dog named Millie.  Please contact the shelter today if you would like to learn more about any of these cats…and Millie. (519) 372-1911

And if you are looking for professional pet photos of your pet, contact me today to learn more about my summer mini sessions

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Mother, Daughter and Fur-baby Portraits / Family and Pet Portraits

What would be the perfect gift for your mom?  I ask that very question every year around Mother’s Day (and my mom’s birthday).

Nikki knew the answer to that question.  Time together! And better yet, pictures to capture that time together.

And what better timing…the Cherry Trees were in full bloom.  This made for a very elegant and girly backdrop.  Perfect for three amazing ladies.  Yep, I said 3 ladies.  Nikki brought her fur-baby Suki along.  After all, Suki is family too.  So the three of them laughed, posed, ran around together and enjoyed themselves during the photo session.  Oh my, I had a wonderful time with these three ladies.

Also, don’t forget about my Pet and Family Mini sessions in June, July and September.  Grab your seat today before all the spots fill up.  Book here!

For more information and dates of my Summer Mini Sessions, download the PDF: Family_Mini_Sessions


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