Ashley and Dan’s Waterfront Wedding / Candra Schank Photography

Ashley and Dan’s Wedding

Owen Sound Waterfront Wedding


When two people meet and start seeing each other, there’s excitement in the air! For these two, the excitement grew and grew, and it’s still in the air! The way they look at each other makes everyone smile! And I was told that when Dan first met Ashley, he wouldn’t stop talking about her.  Now that is so darn cute!

I met Ashley when she was working at the Downtown Shoppers Drug Mart and I remember the day she told me about Dan. She lite up, and couldn’t stop talking about him! I knew she had found her man!  And before she knew it, she made the big move…she moved to Huntsville to be with the man of her dreams!

Fast forward a year and some and it’s August 26th, 2017, their wedding day at The Best Western Inn On The Bay!

Their wedding was romantic-chic with pale pink accents, white linen and elegant vintage runners.  Their flowers were absolutely stunning with off-white roses and pink flowers.  And Oh my goodness, Ashley looked like a queen in her wedding dress! It was perfect on her!

They day was full of smiles, loving words of praise, happy tears and fun!  The ceremony looked onto Georgian Bay, a slight wind was in the air and people gathered into their seats for Ashley and Dan’s wedding.  Suzanne gave an elegant ceremony service all the while, Ashley and Dan held hands and looked into each other’s eyes.

During the photo session we had fun posing by the water, in the playground, and under a fabulous willow tree! Everything was picture perfect!  And then afterwards everyone enjoyed an amazing dinner and speeches that left people in tears.  It sure was evident that Ashley and Dan are loved by a lot of people…and they love each other.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Ashley and Dan.  Best wishes to you and your family!


Photography: Candra Schank Photography

Makeup: Jenifer Matthews and Mallory Collins

Venue: Best Western Inn On The Bay.

Officiant: Suzanne I. Myers

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Family Mini Sessions with Pets and People

Fall Family Mini Sessions: Saturday Sept 30th.

Family time is so precious, so why not freeze time with a photograph! Photographs are not just a photo on the wall, but a piece of art that is full of great memories and experiences.

Pet Photography. Family Photography. Candra Schank Pet Photography. Grey Bruce Pet Photographer. Grey Bruce Photographer. Owen Sound Pet Photographer. Owen Sound Photographer.

Family Photos

Don’t miss this year’s Fall Family Mini Sessions held on Saturday September 30th at Harrison Park or up the road at the Conservation Authority!  This year mini sessions are for both people and pets! So if you have a family pet feel free to bring him or her.  Or, you can take this opportunity to just have a pet session 😉

Pet Photography. Family Photography. Candra Schank Pet Photography. Grey Bruce Pet Photographer. Grey Bruce Photographer. Owen Sound Pet Photographer. Owen Sound Photographer.

Pet Photography

This is a great time to get your family together to create lasting memories of everyone laughing and playing…and yes posing for the camera. But don’t fret as my family portrait style is more candid as I am a lifestyle photographer; so you don’t have to be posey-posey.  Well unless you want too 🙂

This year’s Mini Sessions are 30 minute sessions and you will receive TEN digital files sized to 5×7.  All for only $185.00 And there’s always the option to invest in some amazing prints and albums and Holiday cards. In fact, I will be have a promotion on my albums.

Call or email me to book your spot today. Plus, if you encourage another family to book a mini session, both you and the other family get a FREE 8×10 print from your session!

Speaking of Family Sessions, I had the opportunity to photograph a lovely family, the McIntyre’s.

Pet Photography. Family Photography. Candra Schank Pet Photography. Grey Bruce Pet Photographer. Grey Bruce Photographer. Owen Sound Pet Photographer. Owen Sound Photographer.

Family Photos

The McIntyre family loves to cover their home and walls with memories.  Whether it’s a candid picture from a recent trip, their children playing outside, or a posed shot with people saying ‘cheese’, they have these memories all over their home. And as it turned out, it had been about 7 years since they had a portrait taken of the whole family.  When I say ‘the whole family’ I mean Jenifer and John and their two daughters families and all their grandchildren, and grand-pup Tessa.

This is an incredible family with lots of energy and smiles.  I was so happy to take their 2017 family portrait.  Capturing all of them at their individual times of their lives is so meaning full.

Jenifer is a proud mother and grand mother. She told me stories of each of her five grandchildren and how they would call her all the time.  As she told me these stories she would get a big smile and her eyes would light up.

I hope to see you and your family out for my Fall Family Mini Sessions this year on Sept 30th, 2017

Candra Schank Photography
Book NOW

 Family Photography. Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Photographer. Owen Sound Photographer.

Family Photos

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Michelle and Brent’s wedding under a Willow Tree / Candra Schank Wedding Photography

Tara wedding by Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce wedding photographer. Owen Sound wedding photographer. Grey Bruce wedding photography. Owen Sound wedding photography. Tara wedding.

Tara Wedding by Candra Schank Photography

Michelle and Brent are two of the funniest bride and groom’s I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  They are full of laughter and giggles.  Oh my goodness, Brent would make Michelle laugh and smile everytime they got together. Their connection is so strong.

Their wedding was held on Brent’s mom’s homestead, a kilometre from one of my favourite little towns, Tara. Brent’s mom has an amazing old home that is full of character and fabulous little deco. And even better, an big yard with an AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL old Willow Tree. The willow tree was wrapped with soft white drapes and flower lanterns and little glass balls with gems hung from her sturdy and strong limbs! Michelle and Brent was married under this magnificent tree.

The home was full of busy friends and family doing last minute things for the wedding. Laughter was heard coming from every room and even outside.  Amongst the busy people, Michelle found a quiet room to go over her vows.  This was an intimate and quiet time for Michelle as she reflected and pondered.  And the excitement grew and grew within her.  She was about to marry the man of her dreams and the father of their son.  A great day!

After all the hustle and bustle, Michelle stepped into her room and moments later came out in her wedding dress. She looked radiant! I peeked outside to see what Brent was wearing and he too was dashing is his suit and tie. But oh my, their son was super adorable in his outfit. Once Michelle was in her dress time flew by and she was walking down the aisle and I looked back at Brent and he had the biggest smile I have ever seen on him; click. They had a wonderful ceremony and their vows were super sweet!

After the ceremony I took the wedding party to a couple locations for photos.  And boy did we all have fun. Each and everyone in the bridal party had a great personality and we laughed and joked the whole afternoon.  Then we made our way back to the willow tree for more family photos and dinner and dance under a beautifully decorated tent.

Michelle and Brent, it was an honour to have attended  your amazing wedding and I am so happy to have captured all of these memories for you.

If you would like to see Michelle and Brent’s engagement photos head over to their blog post.


Hair: Heather Fraser of Kathy’s Hair Boutique

Photography: Candra Schank Photography

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Queen Bee Boudoir Event Oct 14 / Candra Schank Photography

Queen Bee Boudoir Photography by Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Boudoir. Owen Sound Boudoir.

Boudoir Photography by Candra Schank Photography

Ladies! Get ready to be a Queen Bee! 

Time to be empowered, be confident and show yourself who you really are. FABULOUS!

So what’s a boudoir shoot all about? It’s about you! It can be anything you want it to be.  Boudoir photos are something that I feel every woman should do at least once in their lives…and even twice. It is such an amazing empowering self-esteem boost. It makes you see yourself and your body in a way you don’t normally see it, it’s such a healthy and positive experience. I encourage all women to not only do this as a gift for their partners, but just do it for yourself! You deserve it!

Every woman who leaves my studio thanks me for making them feel comfortable and for turning what they thought would be an uncomfortable experience into something fun. We try to make all of our boudoir shoots fun and relaxed.

Different Types of Boudoir Shoots

Not all boudoir shoots have to be filled with lingerie and sexy poses. Sometimes some of the most beautiful photos are the natural, carefree ones…and these tend to be my favourite. That comfy sweater falling off your bare shoulder or you wearing your guy’s favorite jersey can actually make for some very sexy and intimate photos. Plus, you tend to feel more comfortable in these.

I create your shoot to match your personality. So if you want your shoot to be super sexy, I make that happen with wardrobe suggestions, props, and poses. Or if you want your shoot to have a more fun and playful feel, then that is easily accomplished by wardrobe and poses too.

The Why?

Every woman that walks into my Boudoir studio has her own reason for doing this. As each woman has her own story to tell, path to be taken, and motivation. Boudoir photos make great gifts but they are an amazing and empowering experience to do for yourself.

Here are some ‘reasons’ ladies have done Boudoir sessions with me:

1)   For YOURSELF. It’s a fun, empowering and liberating experience that will stay with you forever.  It’s a chance to feel truly glamorous. This is your chance to be as girly and as over the top as you want to be. The moment you start your Boudoir Journey with me you will feel amazing, will be pampered, will be done-up to the nines with professional hair and make up…and then you will have a fabulous photoshoot that will have you feeling like a million bucks.  And you are worth it.

2)   Bridal Gifts! You are about to marry your best friend…so why not get some fabulous ‘Bridal Boudoir’ photos .These are great Wedding Night gifts 😉

3)   Bachelorette Party: These group boudoir sessions are a great event and are A LOT of fun to do at a bachelorette party

4)   Milestone. Ladies who have reached a milestone in their lives will have a boudoir session to celebrate.

5)   New Outfits! Yes this is a great time and excuse to buy lots of sexy outfits! Use this shoot as an excuse to treat yourself to something special. And don’t be afraid to buy something out of your comfort zone. You will be happy you did

Everyone woman deserves to have one photo of themselves that they look at and think “WOW! Is that really me?!”

So, now that you are feeling empowered and excited, sign up for my Queen Bee Boudoir session on Oct 14, 2017 and be the woman you are! Click HERE to book your session!

If you want to check out some past boudoir sessions, click the links below:
Miss T’s Session
Miss R’s Session
Miss B’s Session

Thanks, your friend,

Boudoir by Candra Schank Photography. Owen Sound Boudoir photography. Grey Bruce Boudoir photography.

Boudoir by Candra Schank Photography


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Sam and Mark’s Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding / Candra Schank Photography

Congratulations to Sam, Mark, and their 3 fantastic children!

Rewind 7 months and we are at the Bayshore Bridal Show this past January.  Around the corner comes walking this sweet little blond girl holding her parents hand…she stops and smiles up at me. I will never forget that moment!

Her parents and I started talking about their summer wedding in the country.  As we spoke, they beamed from head-to-toe and the little girl’s smile grew larger and larger too.  She was excited to be the flower girl.

We instantly connected. And I was so excited to photograph their wedding.

Here are a few words from the bride and groom, Sam and Mark.

When we first started to think about planning our wedding…it was a year and 7 months after being engaged and only 7 months till we were getting married 🙂 Talk about cutting it close 🙂

We met Candra at the Bayshore Bridal  show in owen sound and knew right away that she was the one that we wanted to capture one of the most important moments in our life next to the birth of our three hooligans:) not even sure if thats a word but im saying it.  She had a family reunion that day so she told us she was unable due to bad timing. I was pretty bummed out and just started to look into other photographers. It must of been my luck that Candra decided to do our wedding… ( i also have the luck of finding a perfect wedding dress for $99.00 🙂 )

She was so amazing with keeping us on track with everything, not to mention our kids were totally in love with her! She’s like family to us, and we couldnt imagine anyone else sharing this amazing experience with us. Our wedding was absolutely perfect, and we couldnt have done it without Candra. She’s an exceptional photographer and always went above and beyond ❤ Thanks so much Candra!

Yes, when Sam and Mark told me the date of their wedding I was so sad because it fell on the same day as my family reunion. So I sadly said that I was unavailable.  But, you know what? I couldn’t stop thinking about that incredible family and the excitement they had for their wedding day.  So I spoke with my family and told them about this amazing family and their wedding day. My family fell in love with them too… without hesitation, I contacted Sam to see if she had found another photographer, and she hadn’t! Happy Dance

And oh my goodness, their wedding was nothing short of AMAZING! Their friends and family came out to watch the couple exchange vows and become husband and wife.  Samantha and Mark weren’t just getting married, but Mark was also legally adopting Samantha’s three fabulous children.  That melted my heart and everyone was there to witness the signing of the papers.  On August 05, 2017, this family was united together.  What a fabulous day!

It was my honour to have spent the day with them and capturing all their memories for them. Here are some of my favourite moments and images.


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Engagement session on the farm / Candra Schank Photography

There’s something magical about getting married on your own property. The connection you have with your home makes everything so much more amazing. You have created so many fabulous memories there and will continue to do so afterwards. And having your friends and family are there to see you marry your best friend just makes things even better.

Terese and Dave’s home is without a doubt one of my favourite spots. It has a willow tree (which is an amazing and romantic tree), a wooden fence that has character, apple trees that fruit every year, an old brick home that radiates ‘look at me and come inside’ and much much MUCH more.

And then there’s their fabulous front yard, which is where the wedding will be held.  I can just imagine how wonderful Teresa will look…and my goodness, Dave will have the biggest smile when he sees his bride walking down the aisle.

I had the pleasure of doing Teresa and Dave’s Engagement session on their property. Here are some highlights from their session that I just adore.  They loved them so much they even invested in a matching photo book to their wedding book they ordered.

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Outdoor Boudoir Photography / Candra Schank Boudoir Photography

Every lady that’s walked through my door for a boudoir session, has her own reason for doing it.  Whether it’s a bridal gift for her husband on their wedding night, an anniversary or birthday gift for their husband, OR it’s just for them, boudoir photography is an Art form and above all an experience.

Meet Miss T! She came to me with a vision. A calendar vision. She wanted to have a boudoir session to celebrate herself AND as a gift for her man.  And what better way to display this for her AND her man, but in a calendar! So we tailored her boudoir session around her personality and likes…and then incorporated her boyfriends likes into it too 😉

Here are a few words from Miss T! She is a Queen Bee Boudoir Lady now.

“For several years I have wanted to do a photo session before I got too old. Something nice to remember younger days. This was going to be for myself and my special loved one.  Through mutual acquaintances I met Candra. I learned of her photography profession and approached her with an idea I had. I am completely un-photogenic. So I told her ‘if we can even get one good photo I would be thrilled!’ Candra laughed and promised we’d do better than that…and she did! I had her coach me on posing. I felt completely comfortable and had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with her…even though it was FREEZING cold! Candra’s energy, enthusiasm and professionalism are what drew me to use her services which I will undoubtedly use again.”      


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Collingwood beach front wedding by Candra Schank Photography

Set Scene: waiting in a lovely coffee shop with the smell of fresh baked goods and amazing coffee. Candra just arrived and started texting the people she is to meet

Candra text:   I’m Here. I’m wearing a fuchsia jacket with a teal scarf

Ana text:         Great, we are almost there. LOL, with my luck everyone will be wearing a fuchsia jacket and teal scarf J

Candra text:   Bahaha, well look for the girl with the beehive hairstyle.

Ana text:         Hahaha 😉 That’s’ the same hair style I have too. We are a lot alike

After those initial texts and a fabulous, I knew Ana and Dave were amazing people. And I was so excited to photograph their amazing wedding. Fast forward to their wedding day!

Oh my goodness, they were getting married in the beautiful city of Collingwood.  And even better, there were getting married on the beach of Georgian Bay at Ana’s moms condo.  It was simply beautiful.  Table settings fit for a King and Queen and all their closet friends and family.  A musician playing the guitar, start white chairs facing the water and Georgian bay as the backdrop.  Breathe-taking.

Both Ana and Dave have an amazing sense of humor and playful attitude.  When the groom drove up he shouted out the window at me “Whoop-whoop” with the biggest smile.

And when I saw Ana she was cracking jokes as she did some last minute decorating.

Before everyone knew it, Ana was walking down the aisle to the man of her dreams. Both of them had the biggest smile I have every saw.  They kept this smile throughout the whole wedding day.

It was a pleasure…and honour to have spent the afternoon getting to know Ana and Dave’s friends and family. Capturing amazing moments and memories for Ana and Dave.

Ana and Dave are not just a bride and groom I photographed. They are truly amazing people and I am happy to call them my friends.

Congratulations Ana and Dave.

If you would like to inquire about my wedding packages please send me a quick note and I will respond as soon as I can.

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Coaching with Lara / Candra Schank Photography

Personal Branding. Professional Portraits by Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Photographer. Owen Sound Photographer.

Personal Branding

It’s always interesting how we meet people. How people hear about us.  And then the relationships and connections we make with these new people…and friends.  The power of referrals and networking is astonishing.

And I am extremely happy to have met Lara, and photographed her business portraits.  From there, our business relationship and friendship grew.

When Lara had seen the headshots I did of an acquaintance of hers, she instantly liked the mix of professionalism and personality in the images; she knew that’s what she wanted in her business portraits too.  You see, Lara had recently embarked on a fabulous journey…a new coaching business called ‘Essence Coaching‘ and she was looking for some personal images for her website.  So she checked out my website and before she knew it, she had sent me an email to inquire about my photography services. And I remember the very first email I received from Lara, and then all the emails after that. Her personality and energy poured through her words. She booked her headshot and I was excited to meet Lara and have a fabulous personal branding photoshoot.

After various conversations and getting to know Lara more, I realized she didn’t just want an everyday…old school business headshot, she also wanted something with pazzaz, something that truly showcased her amazing energy, but also allowed her future clients to connect with her and build trust.  So we structured her headshot session…and future business portraits to encompass all of that…and more.



I was so excited to meet her and guess what? I am so happy to say that we instantly connected right away. It even felt like we had known each other for some time. During her photoshoot we turned up the tunes and danced in the studio.  That got the energy flowing.  And she rocked her photoshoot.

AFTERWARDS, we discussed branching out to encompass more photos through a branding photography session.  This would provide Lara with incredible imagery that would showcase herself to the world.  She will be using these on her website and future promotions and marketing.

Personal Branding. Professional Portraits by Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Photographer. Owen Sound Photographer.

Personal Branding

Lara’s Coaching Business: During our initial session I learned more about her coaching business and what ‘coaching’ really was and how it worked.  I was instantly curious and wanted to learn more.  And started thinking, maybe Lara could be my business coach. After all, I own my own business and have to be honest, the business side is more daunting and hard compared to the photography side.  I am always learning and wanting a little guidance. So why not learn and be guided by a business coach. Boy, what an amazing experience I had with Lara. Our coaching sessions where always full of inspirations, concrete ideas, and directions.  I was learning and implementing ways to structure and run my business for success.  Now Lara is a coach, so she can guide me, influence me, enlighten me, but it was ‘On Me’ to do the work that was presented…or take in her professional suggestions/ideas and determine the right path for myself.  Thus the accountability was all on me.  Which is how it always is. But Lara was with me every step of the process.  She is FABULOUS!  She is patient, understanding, professional and well educated. She even gave me notes from each session, which have become invaluable as I continue to refer back to them.  I highly recommend Lara Lavalyn as a Life Coach.

Here are some more of her personal branding images from our photoshoots.  Definitely check out her website, Essence Coaching, if you want to learn more.

And if you would like to book a headshot or personal branding session with my, please feel free to contact me today. I am always here to help empower you to succeed.


Professional photoshoot: Candra Schank Photography

Professional Makeup done by Shoppers Drug Mart cosmeticians Jenifer Matthews and Amy Ilse

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Beautiful Boudoir / Candra Schank Photography

You! Beautiful You! Confident You! Sexy You!

Boudoir by Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Boudoir. Owen Sound Boudoir.

Boudoir by Candra Schank Photography.

Boudoir isn’t a style or genre of photography. It’s an experience that showcases your amazing confidents, courage, self-recognition, and love.

And every woman has her own story; her own reason for doing a Boudoir session with me.

I had the honour of photographing Miss T a few months back.  At first she was a little nervous, but who wouldn’t be when you are revealing your true self, but then without even realizing it, she transformed into the confident woman she is.

Here is Miss T’s words about her experience; let her words empower you too.  She is now a Queen Bee Boudoir Beauty.

Boudoir?  No way I am the body shape and size to be photographed in my undies!  Now way am I confident enough to pull this off!  How dare my devilish side take control and agree to participate in such craziness!

Sexy outfits?  Nope.  I am a mom who, when best dressed for bed, wears a pair of capris and a tank top.  Who has time for sexy things?  To save me the mental agony of designing a wardrobe, Candra gave me a list, a detailed list, of things that she thought would be nice.  So, off I went to shop.  Thank goodness the ladies at La Senza knew just what I should wear! 

The day arrived.  My husband asked me in the morning if I was absolutely sure I could do it.  I replied with “of course I can’t – but I committed!”  and I was out the door.

First stop, Shoppers Drug Mart to see the talented Mallory.  She was amazing!  She included me on some makeup decisions, showed me a few neat tricks and sent me on my way.

Second stop, Kathy’s Hair Boutique to see the fabulous Heather.  She, too, was amazing! 

Third stop, the moment of truth.  The one moment I didn’t think I would make it through!  As I scolded myself to grow up, I knocked on the door of the studio to Candra’s smiling face.  She was there to greet me, instantly making me feel more comfortable. 

Candra asked to see what goodies I purchased to wear.  As I showed her, her creative energy began to flow.  As she helped me imagine what she was hoping to capture, I began to relax.  She empowered me to trust myself, my body, and her camera.  She envisioned grandeur and romanticism – that is what she got!

Low and behold, the photo shoot was a period of time where I completely trusted the person behind the camera.   Candra was honest and open and in doing so she was able to catch some of my best angles.  She made my “mom body” look not so “mom-like”.  She allowed me to express myself in the modest way that I was comfortable with, and never forced me out of that comfort zone.  Candra respected my self-consciousness, while bringing out strengths I didn’t know I had.

I do not have a perfect body, but I certainly felt perfect in it that day.  My hope is that women of all walks of life consider doing something a little risky.  Walk on the edge – it feels amazing!  Believe in yourself, and beYOUtiful! 

Miss T  xo


Professional photoshoot: Candra Schank Photography

Professional Makeup done by Shoppers Drug Mart cosmetician Mallory Collins

Professional Hair Style: Heather Fraser from Kathy’s Hair Boutique

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