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Meet Pippa the toy Yorkie and Bug the purfect tabby cat – two BFFs that love each other.
I received a phone call from Sarah and she told me all about Pippa and Bug and their amazing dog and cat relationship.  They love to play together during the day and then cuddle side-by-side at night.  She was hoping to get a shot of them together but also enlightened me that it may not happen – Pippa gets excited and Bug can be shy to strangers. I laughed and said that I would document their relationship the day of the photoshoot and their moods and personalities at that time.
It turned out the Pippa was extremely happy to see me and would bound around playing and kissing me and Sarah.  Oh she was so darn cute.  And not much bigger then my hands.  Bug was really great too.  She wasn’t as shy as I expected as she didn’t even hide from me during the photoshoot.  In fact, she stayed near me the whole time…but at least 5 feet away.  She would sit on the bed, or on the window ledge, or at the door way, and look at me inquisitively.  All the while letting Pippa steal the show with her cuteness.  LOL, when Pippa wanted to play, Bug would go running in the opposite direction and hid.  Guess she wasn’t in a playing mood. But then within 5 minutes of leaving, Bug would stealthy came back into the room.
Pippa, Bug, Sarah and myself enjoyed taking fun photos. I captured Pippa’s energy, curiosity, and affection for Sarah.  Every time Sarah left the room, Pippa followed.  Moments later Pippa would then come bounding back to me for attention.