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You love your dog or cat so much.  You call them your fur baby.  AND, sadly they are getting holder, and are even considered a senior dog or cat now.  So you want a way to hold onto them forever…remember their quirks, personality and authentic selves…even when they are gone.

This is the perfect opportunity to get beautiful photos of them…because you know you just can’t take a good picture of them yourself.

You could get photos of their cute head tilts, their shake-a-paw, their bouncy energy or lazy cute demeanour.

And it gets better, your participation will help raise money for a local animal rescue.

So if you have thought about getting your pet’s portrait taken, now is the right time.

Believe me when I say, your pet grows up so fast and you will be wishing you had photos taken.

Here are a few photos of some senior pets:

Cocker Spaniel dog smiling up at the camera. Owen Sound Pet Photographer. Grey Bruce Pet Photographer. Collingwood Pet Photographer. At Collingwood Arboretum.

What is ‘Senior Dogs, TAILS OF GEORGIAN BAY’?

This is going to be a fun coffee table book project fundraiser for a local animal rescue by Candra Schank Photography, one of Grey Bruces favourite pet photographers.  This book project is perfect for any pet mom who wants custom photos of her senior pet(s) and even family.  And it may turn into an art exhibition one day (one can dream)

The objective of this book project is to celebrate and honour your senior pet and his or her own story.   The portraits of your pets will truly reflect who they are and their amazing and unique traits.  All dogs and cats in this book will be ‘senior dogs’ 🙂  And that age can very with breed and individual 😉  The main thing is that you dog has reached it’s senior years, they have a wonderful story to tell, and they want to tell it. 

Whether they are still spy like a puppy, or a little timid, or energetic Candra will photograph them so they are not stressed or uncomfortable.  Or maybe your senior pet is more comfortable at home? Then Candra will come to you an capture your pet being themselves, whether that’s them sitting on your lap or lounging an taking over the couch at home.  If your senior dog loves going on leisurely walks, you can meet Candra at a local picturesque spot outside for some soulful portraits of your pet going for a walk with you and she will capture lots of individual shots of them

No matter where (studio, your home, or outside), Candra will capture their fun and individual personalities so that you can keep them close to you forever.

To participate in this book project, you must fill out an application.  And there is a $150 participation fee (valued at $300) and families will be investing in digital files, wall art and albums to honour their amazing and beautiful senior dog.  Generally families will spend $1500+ on their portraits from their session.

Candra will be donating 5% of all print, product and digital file sales to a local pet rescue or individual pet in need.  And books will be for sale too.

When we have successfully completed all the sessions, we will be taking one photo and a write-up about the pets story and putting it into a coffee table photo book.  This will become a wonderful keepsake for the participants and their families.  In addition, it will be a great way to hold and display all the incredible local stories of rescue animals. 

Scroll down past the participation form for more information on what to expect, participation cost, and availability.

Sessions will be limited and once all the pages are filled in the book, applications will be closed.





When We Have Each Other, We Have EVERYTHING




All sessions will take place at a location your senior dog feels most comfortable at.  This could be at Candra Schank Photography’s studio (1190 2nd ave East, Owen Sound), or your own home, or at a picturesque spot in Owen Sound.

What’s included

 A Candra Schank Photography studio portrait session.  These sessions are available on weekdays and a few weekends at various times (value $300)

A double page spread in the Tails Of Georgian Bay book featuring our favourite photo of your pet and their unique story. Candra will be choosing the photo that accompanies your write up about your pet.

You will have the opportunity to buy a book once the project is all one.  This book will be designed and published when all the sessions have been completed.  There is no time-limit.  BUT Candra is hoping that the book is designed and printed by the end of November so that it is available by Christmas.

2-3 weeks after your session you will get to see your photos for the first time.  You will have the option of either having a personal purchase appointment in my studio OR receive an online gallery with all your proofs.  You will have access to exclusive packages and pricing as well as all our regular packages.  You also have the option of including the whole family and/or other kids and pets in the session for no extra cost.

Participation Cost

$200 per pet

There is no additional cost to add on family photo session or include other children or pets in the session who aren’t’ going in the book. 


What’s not included

The photos taken during your photos are not included in the participation fee.  When you see your photos for the first time, you can purchase prints, artwork, albums and digital files. Special packages and upgrades are available just for Tails Of Georgian Bay families.  And don’t forget, we will be donating 5% of all sales to a local animal rescue. The 5% sales contribution is how the shelter will be raising money.  Thus, priority will go to applicants who want to invest in digital files, artwork or other products.  

How to book a spot

Fill out the application form, and we will be in touch to book your session 



When We Have Each Other, We Have EVERYTHING

Who will be taking your pet’s photos

Candra Schank will be your personal photographer for this book project. She has been voted the Platinum Best of Best Photography in Owen Sound. 


How will we photograph your pet

Pets just want to be themselves. Thats all they know.  Dogs love being dogs and Cats love being cats. LOL well usually.  Therefore, Candra strives to capture your fur babies being themselves…this showcases their amazing personalities.

Candra will send you a questionnaire to learn about your pet and use this information to create custom portraits. Candra may or may not incorporate props into the photo.  Each pet will have a custom designed photo session, catered to them.  If your pet has some favourite toys or objects, please bring them with you.


How to prepare

If you want your pet well groomed, plan to have that done 7 days before your session.  If you love their scruffy fur, just give them a bath the day before,  Clean out their eye gunk and clip their toe nails if needed.

If you and your family will be in a few photos, I send you an email to prep and prepare you. It’s loaded with tips and insight into how to dress for your session.



1) Tails of Georgian Bay will be published, so you must be willing to give us permission to display photographs of your fur baby in print and online.  If you don’t want your image to be published, then your spot will be given to another family.

The animal rescue or individual animal in nee has not yet been decided.  BUT all donations will be going to them and they will use the money where and how they see fit to help the animals that come into the rescue.

The Tails Of Georgian Bay participation fee is $200 per pet

We are aiming to complete 50+ pet sessions from now and throughout 2024. That means the book will be ready prior to Christmas – probably around the end of November. This will be confirmed when all sessions are complete.  But this date can easily change.

Your booking will be subject to terms and conditions and other policies, which you can review during the booking process.

My dog/cat won’t sit still.

Hehe, almost all animals run, walk around for 90% of the session.  And that’s fine with me. I love to take candid photos of them  playing.

I also have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to get animals to sit still…and then I get my shot.


How long does it take you to edit the images?

I know you’re excited to see your photos. Thus I work hard to get you your photos quickly.  After your session, about 3 weeks later, you will receive an email with a link to your online gallery.



Do I have to buy digital files, or prints & albums through you?

YES! I completely understand if you only want to be featured in the book, however.  This is a fundraiser and we are trying to raise money for R&R rescue and resort, so spots will be offered to people who are wanting to get prints, products and digital files.  

I provide families access to my personal Print House so that they can order beautiful professional prints, wall art and albums for their home. This is an optional service and you are under no obligation to buy from me.  



When We Have Each Other, We Have EVERYTHING


You’re wanting to fill your home with portraits from you session. Yah-who. Choosing your favourite images & deciding how best to display them is a great experience.

I offer professional, high quality, ready to go products that you can start enjoying immediately. You don’t have to lift a finger…I do all the framing, mounting, and the finishing touches.

Below are the products that my families LOVE.

Click the option and have a look and start thinking about how you want to display your portraits.  Individual wall art starts at $200.

Heirloom Photo Albums

pet photo albumWhen you’re interested in a Photo album, I photograph your pet playing, cuddling, scratching ears, that adorable head tilt, and much more. Thus, all the images from your photo session are lovingly crafted into a beautiful high quality photo album that truly tells the story of your pet.

Album pages are beautifully thick (oh la la) and images are professionally printed
on fine art, lustre archival paper, rated to 75 years. These albums are a show-stopper piece of art – that is all about your pet

Bamboo Folio Heirloom Boxes

Family Favourite!  This is a beautiful heirloom wooden bamboo box. It contains 10-20 matted 5×7 prints.  You can choose to frame these yourself, keep some in the keepsake box, and/or display them in the matching wooden photos stand.  You can also upgrade the box from Bamboo to Timber Wood and add hand-torm edges to your photos.


Framed Canvas Wall Art

horse gallery

Yes, you read it right. They are framed! I love the polished and finished look of a
framed canvas. And I want you to have them too. Framed canvases are versatile
and look great in every home. All canvases are laminated to reduce fading.


Framed Print Wall Art

dog portraitOkay, this is my favourite…and my clients’ favourite. Whether you’re looking for a modern or traditional feel, framed wall art easily achieves that. Simply by changing the colour or style of frame will complete the look you are going for. Personally, I think a simple white frame looks good anywhere, but I also offer black,grey, brown, and many more looks and styles.

Portraits are printed on fine art paper, mounted, laminated and presented behind
acrylic with a dust backing to seal the wall art. Instead of glass, I use acrylic as it’s light and won’t shatter. This is important in homes with active dogs, cats or even children as wall art can sometimes be knocked off the wall 😉


Fine Art MOUNTED OR Matted Prints

If you’re looking for individual prints, I offer luxury professional print packages. All prints are mounted on styrene (or matted) for a professional look and laminated so they don’t fade.

Fine Art prints are sold individually.


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