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Inside Candra Schank Photography's Studio in Owen Sound
Photo of my Studio Lounge

Pet, Family and Maternity Photo Sessions In The Studio

Have you every thought about having your pet photography or family photography session in a professional studio?

Do you have these thoughts when you think of having photos taken in a studio?

  • the session will be boring
  • we can’t get a variety of images
  • it’s just like going to Walmart or Sears (a way back when)

Hehehe, well guess what…

  • A can assure you, throughout your session you will be smiling and laughing out loud.
  • I am skilled at getting lots of different images for you to choose from. Plus, I have a variety of backdrops, posing props, and a fabulous window that we use during your session to give variety
  • Each session is custom created for you. Before your session we talk about what you want to achieve and get out of your session. You will create memories and special moments that you will look back on.
  • No stiff boring family shots that everyone gets from Walmart (or Sears)
  • Even fine art portraits that a little more posed are fun and omg the final portrait is GORGEOUS.
Some wall art that I offer

And a studio session gives your peace of mind…

  • you dont have to worry that it will rain on your photo day
  • you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing and messing up your hair
  • I use both natural light and studio light so we don’t have to worry about ‘bad’ light
  • My studio is a safe and stress free environment for everyone. So your pets can be off leash and your kids can play without worrying.

Below is a photo of my second studio…just down the hall from my 1st Studio…which I now call my Studio Lounge.

Are you curious about what we can create in the studio? Well the options are endless…creativitiy is just a beginning. I work with you and a vision to bring to life your portraits.

Below are a few portraits taken in the studio…

portrait of lab puppy on chair in photography studio

When you walk into my studio you feel COMFORTABLE, RELAXED, CONFIDENT…and ready to have a fun and fabulous photo session.

And, I share my studio space with a good friend of mine, and fellow photographer, Sophia Lemon.

We often coordinate events together, 2nd shoot for each other, and hang out in the studio between photo sessions chit-chatting and laughing.

So if you’re interested in having a Pet, Maternity or Family photo session in the studio, reach out to me today.

LOL…Below is a candid photo of two very tired puppies. They had a fun studio session. And their mom told me that they slept very well that night 😉

Tired puppies after their pet photo session