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Tina and Pete

Engagement Session

When you start to get to know a person, things become apparent. You notice the little things that they do, you remember gestures that they do unknowing, and you love their inner and outer beauty. You truly, 100% love them and everything about them. I am so blessed to have taken Tina and Pete’s engagement photos. Seeing these two embrace each other and follow the others lead was amazing to witness.
Tina and Pete are two people who found their ‘One True Love!’ And in Tina’s words, are living their ‘fairytale’. Here is a little about these two love birds.
They say opposites attract, but Tina and Pete are the same person…they are ‘One’. They are a couple that does everything together, laugh at each other’s jokes, enjoys the same things (date night at the Keg or cuddling up with their fur-pups and watching a movie together). They love going on adventures, spending time with their friends and family, or traveling the world together. They are both very carrying and considerate and go out of their ways to help each other and others out. In fact, this is one quality both of them love about each other. They truly are the same person.
Tina loves the little things that Pete does. Such as…which she just adores…she loves the fact that he lets her sleep-in just a little longer by taking their two amazing dogs out in the morning for a pee or walk. She loves the little good-bye kisses when he leaves for work in the morning or the surprise flowers he brings home (so sweet).
And Pete just adores the little smirks and smiles that Tina sends his way when she is excited about something…or is up to something…Hehehe. He loves the little things she does (or gets him) to show him that she really cares and loves him. She will bring him books, mugs and comics that are connected with their dates, relationship…or that he just loves. One cute thing that Tina sent to Pete (and he will never forget) was a text listing 157 reasons why she loves him. LOL, 157 is also Tina’s favourite number. Super cute.
And a great relationship is full of memories. Both of their fondest memories are when they have traveled together. Be it in Mexico concurring their fears (or Tina’s fear of snorkeling or zip-lining) together or in Thailand and Bali exploring together and creating loving and lasting memories.
A few weeks ago I showed you the first half of their engagement shoot. Which focused on their casual and classic selves. After these shots, as the sun was setting, we went inside the Pavilion at Dog Tales, and held a romantic and formal engagement shoot. Both shoots showcased who they were, and included their boys, Tank the Chihuahua and Nacho the Min-Pin (Miniature Pincher)
Tina and Pete are truly a romantic couple that love spending time together and are so excited to marry each other on July 7th, 2018 and spend their lives together.
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