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When new families reach out to me to schedule a family session, I often hear that this is their first time having photos taken or that they have had photos done before but with a different photographer. Families that have never had photos done before often express that they feel a bit nervous or that they are worried about their children’s or dogs cooperation and how things might turn out. If you have worked with another photographer in the past chances are things may be pretty similar but also things will likely be different too.

What to Expect From An Outdoor Family Session with Me

When you booked me to take your family’s photos, you probably browsed my family portfolio a bit! Most of the feedback I get on my images is that prospective clients love how everyone is having fun and looking natural.

It is important to keep in mind that every family I shoot is going to look different, no two families are the same and every family brings their own energy to the session. An energy that is all their own. Some families are serious and low key, other families are full of energy and excitement. Some toddlers are clingy and affectionate, others are little balls of excitement and don’t sit still.
I let people know that their gallery will not look like their friends. This is because every family is different, unique and have different energy levels which all translate into their photos. Plus even the location, weather, and time of day will affect the look and feel of your photos. And yes, I do try and control these parameters, so that there is a consistent look and feel in my photos. BUT it doesn’t always happen that way. This is one reason I love photography, every photoshoot is different.

My Goal Is To Make Your Family Photos Look & Feel Like Your Family

Here are some consistencies that you will find throughout all of my family work.

  • You are going to have beautiful lighting, whether that is fun golden hour light or moody overcast skies.
  • Your session will highlight the beauty of the setting and location we choose
  • I will always make sure to get the ‘smile for the camera shot” you know the one grandma wants on her mantel.
  • Most of your gallery will be images of you NOT looking at the camera, instead we will have you looking at each other and connecting
  • I will get as many combinations and various shots of each individual family member so your gallery has lots of variety.
  • I will defiantly make you snuggle up close and love on each other. I aim to capture closeness and affection in my images.

The Best Advice I Can Give You Is To Trust The Process.

Honestly going into your session its best to let go of any ‘Pinterest vision” you had in mind for your photos…heres why… Your family is unique and although I am happy to try a few ideas from a pinterest board they might not work for your family. What will work is relaxing and letting the session unfold how it may. What you will be amazed by is that your gallery will be unique to you and reflect your family love exactly how it is. You don’t know how often i hear from my families “I can’t believe you got so many great shots when the session felt hectic” that’s because I captured you just as you are.

This might mean your super smiley baby doesn’t smile for one photo in the entire gallery, well.. I want you to try to embrace that and remember these are the funny moments you can all laugh and look back on in the years to come.

As a new client reaching out its important to make sure we are a good fit. Every photographer has their own style and vibe and you want to make sure that you connect with your photographer. A few ways we might not be a good fit.

  • You’re more of a formal person and you’re not expecting to run, play and sit on the ground with your kids.
  • You would be upset if you or your kids got a little dirty during your session
  • You’re hoping your gallery includes mostly images of everyone looking and smiling at the camera.
  • getting close and snuggly is something that is uncomfortable for you.
  • You will be extremely upset if your gallery doesn’t include an image that you have in your mind
A young boy and his two dogs in the fall