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An Epic Equine Photography Session That Was Full Of Passion

Some people are dog people. Some people are cat people. And some people are horse people…LOL and some people are simple animal people 😉

Kayla is definitely a horse person 🙂

Before her session, Kayla and I had a planning session to discus the process and experience of what an Equine Photography session is like.  And when I spoke with Kayla on the phone, she spoke so passionately about her horse Twyla. I could feel the love and bond that Kayla has with Twyla.  She painted a wonderful picture of their relationship and I was super-duper excited to meet both of them and create timeless horse portraits of Twyla.

I found out that Kayla had always wanted a horse and wanted to learn how to ride.  And she wanted to make her dream come true. So with the help from her friend Jessica, Kayla took the time to find the right horse for her.  A horse that she felt comfortable with. A horse that was great with beginner riders.  A horse that was her very own…and would become her BFF.

And Twyla was that horse.

Twyla resides at Jessica’s stable in the beautiful area of Purple Valley, just north of Wiarton.  I had never been to this area before, but I instantly fell in love with it.  It’s a country community with windy roads, forest that go on and on and had a calmness that filled your heart.

It was the perfect spot for Twyla.

Kayla loves to come and visit Twyla, groom her, and take riding lessons.  She loves being with her.  Twyla has a calmness to her that Kayla loves.

On the day of our equine photography session, the roads were covered with ice.  And not just a little bit of ice…I mean thick layers that you cannot even chip away.  And I always consider the safety of both rider and horse. So our plan to ride back on the trails was re-thought.  Instead the area around Jessica’s home had beautiful light and a ‘forest’ feel to it.  So for the next hour we all enjoyed posing and walking with Twyla around the property, down the dirt road, and along a laneway that was surrounded by forest and had an archway canopy.

We couldn’t have asked for a better spot.

Kayla’s passion and love for Twyla shined through. Her smile got bigger and bigger as the session progressed.  And you could tell that Twyla enjoyed the time with Kayla too.  Twyla even gave a big smile at the end of the session 😉

A mock up of three photos that I think would look fantastic over her bed.