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dog walk through the snow in a forest

Castle the Lurcher / Owen Sound Dog Photographer

LOL…Lurcher? What the heck is a Lurcher? Well it’s one of the most beautiful dog breeds I have had the pleasure of photographing.

A Lurcher is an offspring of a sight hound (often a Greyhound) mated with another breed. And often producing a dog with a beautiful elegant body form paired with a sweet and docile personality.

Castle’s parents where a Greyhound and an Irish Wolfhound. Hehehe, and you can see he takes after the Greyhound.

Snow on the ground didn’t stop this handsome dog from having a winter wonderland photo shoot. Castle, even though he is part Greyhound, and didn’t have a lot of fur or fat to keep him warm, bounded through the snow…kicking it up behind him. And boy oh boy…he was fast. At one point when I was photographing action shots, I turned to his mom and said “Wow-we he is fast. I am having trouble keeping up with him.’ LOL…but I did keep up with him…I found a rhythm I captured some great shots of him running.