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Family Photographer / Pet Photographer
Walkerton Photographer


Family photoshoots aren’t all just about posing, looking at the camera, and smiling.

You might be thinking…’aren’t they though?’

LOL, they are so much more than that.  They are a family outing, a time to bond and spend time together. An hour or two of bonding, laughing, and maybe even rolling around in the dirt.  Okay, that last part applies more to the family dog…or toddlers.

Family sessions can be created around your favourite things to do.  Like go walking through your favourite park. going to a local baseball game, getting ice cream cones and having to lick them faster than they melt.  During these family outings, I gather candids and then what I like to call guided family poses.  These are shots of the family in a group gathering that looks good.  LOL, you don’t want to just take snap shot photos…after all, I bet you know someone with a camera that can take snap shots.  No, I create classic lifestyle portraits that show you and your families great smiles, personalities, and emotions.  If you are a family that loves to goof around, then lets do that!  If you like simplicity, then lets have a relaxed session.

And, it’s always great to see families bring their family pet. This way, we get great portraits with the whole family.  And you can bet your bottom, that if your bring your pet, I am going to get some great candids of him or her.  Just as I would with your children.  Pets are so darn adorable and I love to photograph their personalilties.

From the moment we start talking, I am already getting to know you and am creating your family photo session. And then after the session, you have the option of investing in amazing framed prints, canvases, albums, or digital file packages.  This way you can decorate your home with portraits from your session.

The gallery below is of a fun pet and parent photo session I had with a family in Walkerton. We had discussed having the photo shoot there and they instantly told me about this amazing walking path that ran along the river.  So, without hesitation, we planned their family photoshoot there. And we had the best time, perfect weather, and the trail all to ourselves…which was hard to believe because it was the perfect day to do for a walk.  A big thank you to this family for spending the afternoon with me and showing me this amazing gem of a spot.  I will be taking my dog Sally Pants there in the new future.

So, if you are thinking about getting some family photos to put on your walls, give me a call and I would love to start planning your session.



Beautiful Outdoor Wedding / Candra Schank Photography

Meghan and Tyler’s Wedding
Beautiful Wedding At Their Family Cottage
Singhampton, Grey Bruce Wedding Photography


Two individuals briefly meet in passing at a high school event (i.e. party).  They go their separate ways as they pursue their own goals and aspirations.  One is an avid animal lover, vegetarian and horse enthusiast (and rider). The other, pondering life as an engineer.  Their paths seemed to diverge.

5 years later they end up at the same bar.  One hanging with her friends, and the other celebrating his brothers 19thbirthday.  They quickly locked eyes and become interested in the other.  A night of dancing and conversations leads into a first date, meeting mom and dad, and many fun dates afterwards.

With every passing day from that 1stdate, each enlightening the other on their own interests and similarities.

7 amazing years as boyfriend and girlfriend flew by with lots of laughs, tears, and many firsts together.  They welcomed their beloved dog Murphy into their lives and became even closer.  They enjoy going for dog walks after the dinner, sipping wine and talking about their day’s festivities and their future aspirations.

And then…Tyler got down on one knee and proposed.  Meghan was delighted and excited.  Their next chapter of their lives was about to begin.

They wanted a small and simple wedding, with an emphasis on family and friends, with a fabulous celebration party afterwards.  They stuck to their goals and made every part of their wedding amazing.

“We loved that we were creating a wedding that truly represented who we are…we love being outdoors & at our cottage, so that’s where it was! We wanted the best music so that no one could resist the dance floor and we succeeded! We wanted to share our passion for our vegetarian lifestyle with amazing vegetarian food, and people raved about the dinner! We wanted to create an atmosphere of love, fun and laughter, nothing too serious, and we felt we did that.”

Without a doubt, On August 10th, 2018, they had a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony on the family doc that looked-out onto a glistening lake.  The ceremony was followed by a wonderful cocktail hour with great food, champagne and speeches.

The next day, was allocated to their family and friend celebration (a.k.a party). Lots and lots of friends and family came over to celebrate their nuptials.   Before the celebration truly began, we snuck away for their wedding portrait session.  It was evident from the very first photo on the doc that Meghan and Tyler have a strong connection.  Every time they posed…they fell into each other’s embrace and locked eyes.  It was like I wasn’t even there.   They would whisper things to each other and smile or laugh out loud.  All the while, creating authentic moments that I captured on camera for them.

I asked Meghan and Tyler what their favourite moment was during their wedding.  And it was so nice to hear their response as there wasn’t a moment but a collection.

“We tried to take little pauses throughout the day to look around, absorb everything to ensure it was captured in our memories forever. We loved feeling so much love and we felt grateful and humble for the amazing family and friends we have. “

Please enjoy living their wedding weekend through the image gallery below.  They have a wonderful story that I am so grateful to have captures.  Meghan and Tyler, you are soul mates with love that radiates.

“Candra was the perfect photographer for us! She completely understood our vision, was very responsive, and provided excellent direction during the actual photos. She was efficient and ensured all the photos we wanted were captured. She blended in during the dances & speeches but still was able to capture the moments. On top of all of that, the pictures turned out stunning, we are so happy with them! We loved working with Candra and highly recommend her!


Lifestyle Newborn Photos / Candra Schank Photography

Carley & Nathan’s Newborn session

First child, second child, and then a loop-eared rabbit…then baby number three!

Proud mom and dad (Carley and Nathan) welcomed their baby boy, Elliott into the world on June 20th, 7:54pm, 2018.  And boy-oh-boy, he is a cutie.  Quiet and innocent!

Two months before Elliott’s birth, I had photographed their memorable family maternity session and watched the family express happiness and excitement toward the baby growing in mommy’s stomach.

This love and excitement was even stronger than ever when I got to meet baby Elliott.

His big sister and brother, Molly and Simon, wanted to hold and snuggle with him right away.  And I believe I heard his big sister whisper sweet sayings into his ear when no one was looking.

I asked Carley how things were since his birth and why she wanted to have these family photoshoots.  She simply replied with a smile,

‘We look forward to every day and all the new and exciting changes that happen as the children grow. There are always a million things that we look forward to as they grow and a million more that we miss as we look back and remember them as babies and toddlers.

‘You know you are going to forget just how precious and small they were those first few days so we photograph it. It’s an attempt at grasping the memories of their tiny toes and amazing little grunts and squeaks and the feeling of holding that new born baby for the first time. It’s a love that hurts your heart…but in a good way.’

I always love to learn how siblings react to a new brother and sister. So I asked Carley, and she enlightened me on how excited Molly and Simon where to meet their new baby brother/sister.

Molly wanted to make a cake for his birthday and Simon wanted to name him pancake. And even after Elliot was born, Molly called Elliot “she” or “her” for the first two weeks he was alive. She told me ” mommy, I still really love him even though he’s a boy.

Kids are so cute! Watching this family during their newborn session brought tears of joy to my eyes.

It was a pleasure to meet baby Elliot and capture this precious time in everyone’s lives.  These memories will be treasured and talked about for years to come.

I can picture baby Elliot growing up and seeing these photos and saying ‘boy, I was a cute baby’


Collingwood Wedding at Cranberry Resort. Bear Estate. Wedding Photography by Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Wedding Photographer.

Kelsey & Trevor’s Wedding at Bear Estate / Collingwood Wedding Photographer

Kelsey and Trevor’s Wedding

Beautiful Bear Estate, Collingwood

Congratulations, you’re engaged. Happy Dance!  Now time to plan your wedding.  Venue…check!  Bridal Party…check!   DJ…check!….

And then, you start thinking about going to a tropical destination for your wedding. Oh that sounds so amazing.  But you have your wedding plans underway!?

No worries! Lets do both!

That’s exactly what Kelsey and Trevor did! They flew south to the Dominican with some of their family, friends and wedding party and tied the knot!  Their tropical wedding was magical with blue sky, sandy beaches, heart-felt speeches, and toasting between everyone.  I even heard that some of the speeches got a little emotional 🙂 Their entire getaway was full of so many amazing adventures.  And when they flew back to their home, they smiled at each other and sighed a happy sigh.  They were husband and wife. And best friends.

Now time to celebrate with the rest of their friends and family. Whoop whoop, let the wedding celebrations begin.

And, why not do it with a bang!  They wanted to still have a Wedding, without the ceremony.  Fabulous idea!  Kelsey had 4 bridesmaids and Trevor had 5 groomsmen.  Yep, one lucky maid-of-honour got to have a groomsmen…one on either side of her. We had lots of fun during Bridal and Family portraits.  The wedding party had me laughing out loud at one point.    Kelsey had on the most beautiful wedding dress (which she took to the Dominican too) and Trevor a formal grey attire.  And at one point, Trevor put on his Fire uniform.  Kelsey had fun posing with a fireman…her husband!  Everyone had fun taking photos under willow trees and along the peer, looking out onto the beautiful water.  And, yes it was super-duper hot out, but the cool breeze off the water was very refreshing.  Ahhhh, don’t you just love Georgian Bay!

After the portrait session, it was time for cocktail hour at Bear Estate with their friends and family.  The night transitioned beautifully from mingling during cocktail hour to speeches, taco and salad buffet, and 1stdances.  And yes, I did say a Taco buffet…OMG, Kelsey, this was a fabulous idea.  Everyone loved making their own taco and exchanging stories of the couple.  I know that next time I plan a gathering, tacos will be served.  It truly was an amazing day.

And I don’t think Kelsey and Trevor stopped smiling.  After-all, they are husband and wife now.

Backyard Wedding in Flesherton. Grey Bruce Wedding Photographer.

Backyard Wedding in Flesherton / Candra Schank Wedding Photography

Jennifer and Mike’s Backyard Wedding

Grey Bruce Weddings

It starts with a glance and then a look. Then your first date…and then second, third, fourth, and so on.   Every time you spend time together you learn more and more amazing things about each other.

Then each of your children get to meet each other.  And all of you start spending more and more time together.

These relationships grow stronger and stronger by the day.  Two families become one.

Jen and Mike’s story is a beautiful story that grew together.  Their families came and thrived together. Their children are the same ages and have become inseparable. Family gatherings are full of cheerful laughs, giggles and lots of story telling.  I can just image the holiday season in their home…amazing…with lots of laughter.

Jen contacted me 6 months before their planned wedding celebration.  And they had a twist; a fun and exciting twist.  They were having a engagement party and inviting all of their friends and family to a backyard pig roast.  And it gets better.  They were going to surprise everyone and turn their engagement party into a wedding! AWESOME!

And then they threw in another twist. Hehehe, the two of them and their 5 children planned a weekend away to Niagara Falls.  And I bet you cannot guess…the two families exchanged vows on April 28th at Two Hearts Wedding Chappel.  They were married.  It was the perfect family weekend away!

So their backyard engagement party went from a surprise wedding celebration to a ‘Surprise! We’re Married’, celebration. Guests were over-joyed and beyond happy for the family.  Lots of laughter, stories, and great food and beverages where shared amongst all the families on a beautiful sunny June Saturday.  A perfect day for a perfect family.


Every pet has their own story / Pet Photography / Candra Schank Photography

Grey Bruce Pet Photography

Studio Pet Portraits


Woof! A.k.a. Hi, how was your day?

Woof woof! A.k.a. do you want to go for a walk?

Woof woof woof! A.k.a you’re my best friend!

Pets are truly amazing, our forever companions, best friends, and FAMILY.

Whenever I am about to have a pet photoshoot, I always wait (excitedly) to hear about the amazing stories and the relationships they have their human parents. And then I eagerly transfer those stories and emotions into their pet portraits.

I have heard about how a family dog follows the children to the bus stop every morning and then is back there every day at 3:30pm waiting for them to get off the bus.

I’ve heard of pets being by the side of their owner everyday while they were sick and getting better. Never leaving their side.

Other stories of how a person’s life changed for the better when they got their family pet. They went from feeling sad and lonely to being happy and loving life.

These are only a few ‘highlighted stories’ and I wish I could share every story (in detail) I have ever been told. LOL I just don’t have enough space 😉

What I can do is share some images from my Pet & Parent Friendship event.  I photographed various pets and their parents to document their relationships.  And I was overjoyed with the warm comments and stories I recieved.  Lots of people contacted me with amazing stories of their family pet and how they are an important part of their lives.  And then when we had their photoshoot, it was truly evident that there was a loving bond and their relationship was strong and ever lasting – which was then conveyed in their pet portraits.

I have photographed lots of dogs that were rescued and became a proud family member. Dogs that were being trained as a service dogs, new puppies that were just brought home to the family, to aging dogs that have been with families since they were puppies.

So many happy memories were created and shared.

I’d be so honoured to hear about your pet story and capture it in a portrait.

Maternity Photoshoot in Tara. Owen Sound maternity photographer. Grey Bruce maternity photographer. Maternity photography.

Fun Family Maternity Photoshoot / Candra Schank Photography

Your heart is filled with joy and happiness the moment you wake up to when you put your head down for the night.  Why? Because you love the sound of little feet scampering around the house, hearing giggles in the next room, camping and roasting marshmallows with the whole family, and just being together.

Mr. N and Mrs. C have never had a maternity shoot. So when they found out they were pregnant with their 3rdchild, and they were due for family photos, they knew they wanted to get photos to capture this time in everyone’s lives.

Fast forward a few months and this lovely family enjoyed a fun-filled maternity session together. They celebrated mom’s baby bump by creating special memories together.

And how do you celebrate your grown family during a maternity session? Why you jump on the bed, drive small toys on mom’s stomach, take a moment to listen to baby, and have los of fun exploring the property.

We had their photo shoot in the cute little town of Tara, at their gorgeous home. When I first arrived, the little girl immediately welcomed me and had to show me the dress she was going to wear. She was even more excited for the photo shoot then I was.  As she ran to get her dress, her little brother napped quietly in the next room. He was getting his ‘beauty sleep’ before the photo shoot.

After little S got up from his nap, everyone had a bite to eat and then up the stairs we went to the master bedroom.  This room is full of cuddling memories and great light and space. Picture Perfect.  We finalized wardrobe choice, moved some pillows around, and then created lasting family memories. After having some fun jumping on the bed, the birds chirping at the window drew us outside for the second half of the maternity family session.  After all, this family loves being outside and wanted to create memories around their big backyard.

Oh the kids were at home outside.  There was lots of running (and yes falling down…and getting back up), playing in the creek, imitating the chickens, and walking hand in hand with mom and dad.

This was a wonderful family maternity session that will truly be remembered forever.

If you’re thinking about creating memories like this family did, call me and I’d be happy to talk to you about your very own custom photo session.

Here is a collection of photos that tells this families story.


Newborn Lifestyle Session / Candra Schank Photography

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Mrs. E and Mr. K had a sweet little baby girl, named Emilia! She came a few weeks early but she is a healthy and happy newborn.  And her mom says that every day is full of amazing new things and experiences with her.

I had the honour of photographing Mrs E and Mr K’s maternity session and it brings me so much happiness to have been invited to their home to capture little Emilia’s, newborn session.  We had a beautiful and intimate newborn session.  Baby Emilia is so precious.  It was amazing to watch her react to little touches and sounds.  And one of my favourite moments is when she snuggled into her mom and fell into a soft slumber…all the while smiling.

Hehehe, and it quickly became apparent that she didn’t like to be cold.  Whenever her baby soft skin was exposed, she would begin to fuss (an oh-so-cute fuss). So we kept her bundled up in mom and dads arms.

Mrs. E. and Mr. K enjoyed this intimate session with Emilia and know that these newborn moments will fly by.  They loved and wanted to get natural shots of Emilia that showcased the love they have for her and her all the cute and adorable newborn things: her tiny size, softness of her sleeping, diaper changes, crying, and cuddling with mom and dad.

Congratulations Mrs E and Mr. K.  You have a beautiful baby girl.

If you would like to have a family session with Candra, contact me today! I am excited to capture today for tomorrow.