Pet Photography / Leonard the Great Dane

Leonards Pet Photoshoot

A few months ago I ran a Facebook post to offer a lucky dog a Free Pet Photoshoot.  Wow, I got lots of amazing emails about wonderful dogs and a cat. When I read Christa’s contest email and saw the photos that she submitted I got Goosebumps.  Literally! I looked down at my scrawny arms and I had happy bumps. I wanted to meet Leonard, the gentle giant (that’s what Christa called him).

I have had the pleasure of photographing a few Great Danes over the years (Jewel is one of my favourites) and I got extremely excited when I drew Leonard’s name from the hat.  You see, between his coloration, his personality and attitude and the fun photos, I wanted to photograph him.  It was so excited to meet him and his human parents, whom had written his email contest submission.  You see, I not only LOVE to photograph pets, I love to get to know them and their owners and learn their stories.

I loved hearing how Christa and Ian came to be Leonard’s parents.  At first, Leonard belonged to a friend of Christa and Ian.  And it turned out that Leonard had ‘Fallen For’ Ian when Ian was staying with their friends as he was away at school. And Ian fell for Leonard, the gentle giant.  And the stars aligned and soon Leonard came home with Ian one day and the three of them were one BIG HAPPY FAMILY.

During Leonard’s Pet photoshoot he was so well behaved that at one point I turned to Christa and said ‘Oh my, he is making this way to easy’ and then we both giggled with glee.  And even better, Chester was sporting a bow-tie for his photoshoot; he looked so dashing.  I secretly called him James Bond…because he has this amazing presence and handsome flare. I bet female dogs blush and get giddy when Leonard goes out for his walks. 

It was a pleasure to photograph Leonard in the studio. I hope some day I can do another pet photoshoot with him outside. 



Chester’s Studio Pet Photography Session / Didn’t even know he was blind!

Pet Photography by Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Pet Photographer. Owen Sound Pet Photographer. Ontario Pet Photographer.
Pet Photography by Candra Schank Photography

I do a lot of pet sessions outdoors in naturally lit areas. Areas such as parks, hiking trails, open fields, and along rivers and lakes: outdoors spots are always full of picture perfect backdrops.

As of September 1st, I am sharing an amazing studio space with other photographers. Now, we are still running our own businesses separately, booking our own clients. We just share the same amazing studio and use an online calendar to book our clients. It’s such a fabulous way to collaborate.

So I am offering outdoor, in-home AND studio pet sessions. Mind you, all three locations can give a different ‘look’ to your images. Thus, I like to book your pet photoshoot at a location that works best for you and your pet. Each pet photoshoot is custom created just for your pet.

Pet Photography by Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Pet Photographer. Owen Sound Pet Photographer. Ontario Pet Photographer.
Pet Photography by Candra Schank Photography

Now, what better way to tell people about my new studio space than through a Facebook contest. I posted a contest and had so many people participate – thank you to all those whom entered. And boy it was hard to decide which two dogs would be the winners. So, I did what anyone would do in my situation; I pulled two names from a hat!

I drew Chester the Gordon Setter and Leonard the Great Dane’s names.   And had two fabulous pet sessions.


Chester had his pet photoshoot first, so I wanted to blog it first.

Pet Photography by Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Pet Photographer. Owen Sound Pet Photographer. Ontario Pet Photographer.
Pet Photography by Candra Schank Photography


When Chester first poked his nose into the studio and sniffed the air, I swear he smiled at me. Right away I had his ‘human mom’ unleashed him so that he can explore the studio and feel at home. He explored the studio with his nose and then nuzzled me with his nose. At this time I found out that Chester was blind. Really?! But looking at his eyes or the way he maneuvered around the room, you couldn’t tell. He held his head high with pride. Throughout the pet photoshoot continued to show me his fabulous relaxed and friend demeanor! And I smiled and giggled out loud when I saw him back up and sit on his ‘human mom’s’ lap. I soon learned that he loved to do that.


Pet Photography by Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Pet Photographer. Owen Sound Pet Photographer. Ontario Pet Photographer.
Pet Photography by Candra Schank Photography



Chester was a natural in front of the camera. We started him on the black ‘leather’ couch, and finished the pet photoshoot doing some great headshots. Voila! He gave me so many ‘Chester’ expressions that I felt like I knew his personality and character quite well at the end of the session.

A big thank you to Miss K and Chester for coming to the studio for a fabulous pet photoshoot.




If you would like to book a fabulous pet photoshoot with me, click the link to inquire/book your session today.  LINK: CONTACT ME TODAY



Pet Photography / Hazel / Candra Schank Pet Photography

Hazel, a rescue that has stollen so many hearts.

I first met Hazel during a family photoshoot when she was just a puppy.  She was full of energy and very smart as she followed simple commands.  Sit, Stay….Tweet Tweet….LOL, birds caught her curiosity though.  But when she sat and looked at the camera, Voila.  The camera loved her.family.

Then, fast forward a year and a half.  Oh my, sweet Hazel got bigger.  Duh!  LOL, but she is as loving and fun as I remembered.  This time we had a pet session that was just based around her.  Yep, she was pampered and spoiled with lots and lots of yummy cheese balls.  Yep, cheese balls.  I cracked up laughing when I found out that she loved those.  And would do almost anything for one.  Our favourite pose…a cheese ball on her paw.  So cute.

We had a lot of fun posing, jumping, and peering out the window.  A big Thank you to Hazel and Tiffany for coming out to my studio for a fun Pet Photography session.


Family Mini Sessions with Pets and People

Fall Family Mini Sessions: Saturday Sept 30th.

Family time is so precious, so why not freeze time with a photograph! Photographs are not just a photo on the wall, but a piece of art that is full of great memories and experiences.

Pet Photography. Family Photography. Candra Schank Pet Photography. Grey Bruce Pet Photographer. Grey Bruce Photographer. Owen Sound Pet Photographer. Owen Sound Photographer.
Family Photos

Don’t miss this year’s Fall Family Mini Sessions held on Saturday September 30th at Harrison Park or up the road at the Conservation Authority!  This year mini sessions are for both people and pets! So if you have a family pet feel free to bring him or her.  Or, you can take this opportunity to just have a pet session 😉

Pet Photography. Family Photography. Candra Schank Pet Photography. Grey Bruce Pet Photographer. Grey Bruce Photographer. Owen Sound Pet Photographer. Owen Sound Photographer.
Pet Photography

This is a great time to get your family together to create lasting memories of everyone laughing and playing…and yes posing for the camera. But don’t fret as my family portrait style is more candid as I am a lifestyle photographer; so you don’t have to be posey-posey.  Well unless you want too 🙂

This year’s Mini Sessions are 30 minute sessions and you will receive TEN digital files sized to 5×7.  All for only $185.00 And there’s always the option to invest in some amazing prints and albums and Holiday cards. In fact, I will be have a promotion on my albums.

Call or email me to book your spot today. Plus, if you encourage another family to book a mini session, both you and the other family get a FREE 8×10 print from your session!

Speaking of Family Sessions, I had the opportunity to photograph a lovely family, the McIntyre’s.

Pet Photography. Family Photography. Candra Schank Pet Photography. Grey Bruce Pet Photographer. Grey Bruce Photographer. Owen Sound Pet Photographer. Owen Sound Photographer.
Family Photos

The McIntyre family loves to cover their home and walls with memories.  Whether it’s a candid picture from a recent trip, their children playing outside, or a posed shot with people saying ‘cheese’, they have these memories all over their home. And as it turned out, it had been about 7 years since they had a portrait taken of the whole family.  When I say ‘the whole family’ I mean Jenifer and John and their two daughters families and all their grandchildren, and grand-pup Tessa.

This is an incredible family with lots of energy and smiles.  I was so happy to take their 2017 family portrait.  Capturing all of them at their individual times of their lives is so meaning full.

Jenifer is a proud mother and grand mother. She told me stories of each of her five grandchildren and how they would call her all the time.  As she told me these stories she would get a big smile and her eyes would light up.

I hope to see you and your family out for my Fall Family Mini Sessions this year on Sept 30th, 2017

Candra Schank Photography
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 Family Photography. Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Photographer. Owen Sound Photographer.
Family Photos

Pet Adoptions / Candra Schank Pet Photography

Candra Schank Pet Photography. Grey Bruce Pet Photographer. Owen Sound Pet Photographer.
Candra Schank Pet Photography

Adopt Today

I love this quote “There is only one happiness in this life, to love a rescue, and be loved by a rescue”

Yes, I know that there are more things that bring happiness to you. But, adopting a rescue pet is definitely one of them for me.

I adopted my little Sallypants 4 years ago and she has brightened my world.

And I highly encourage others to adopt their next pet from a shelter and bring love and happiness to a shelter dog or cat.  It’s a life-changing choice that will find you a furry BFF that will love you unconditionally – Always and forever!

I have partnered with the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter to photograph their dogs and cats that are up for adoption.  The photos I will be taking will be valuable to you and the shelter as they are a means to introduce the community to loving dogs and cats that are looking for a loving home.  Here are some photos that I took of their cats…and a precious dog named Millie.  Please contact the shelter today if you would like to learn more about any of these cats…and Millie.

https://www.grey-bruceanimalshelter.com/ (519) 372-1911

And if you are looking for professional pet photos of your pet, contact me today to learn more about my summer mini sessions


Mother, Daughter and Fur-baby Portraits / Family and Pet Portraits

What would be the perfect gift for your mom?  I ask that very question every year around Mother’s Day (and my mom’s birthday).

Nikki knew the answer to that question.  Time together! And better yet, pictures to capture that time together.

And what better timing…the Cherry Trees were in full bloom.  This made for a very elegant and girly backdrop.  Perfect for three amazing ladies.  Yep, I said 3 ladies.  Nikki brought her fur-baby Suki along.  After all, Suki is family too.  So the three of them laughed, posed, ran around together and enjoyed themselves during the photo session.  Oh my, I had a wonderful time with these three ladies.

Also, don’t forget about my Pet and Family Mini sessions in June, July and September.  Grab your seat today before all the spots fill up.  Book here!

For more information and dates of my Summer Mini Sessions, download the PDF: Family_Mini_Sessions



2017 Best Friends Dog Walk / Candra Schank Pet Photography

This past weekend was the 7th Annual Best Friends Dog Walk For Heart and Stroke.  We had great weather, fabulous vendors, an energetic agility demo by Capable Canines and lots of happy dogs and their owners out for a walk!

I love this event as it’s family friendly and you get to exercise and have FUN.  Now that’s a Win-Win.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support this incredible event.

Here are a few images that I took.

If you would like to book a Pet session please feel free to contact me and I’d love to capture your fur baby’s personality on camera.  In addition, if you want to receive my E-Newsletter and learn about upcoming events, promos and even give-aways, subscribe to my exclusive photography mailing list.


Jewel the albino Great Dane / Pet Photography by Candra Schank

A true gem!

I photograph dog breeds of all sizes, shapes and natures.  From small curious bundles of joy, to high energy agile dogs and even large angelic breeds that are as tall as a horse. I love them all!

Everyone please meet Jewel.  She is an albino Great Dane that is super sweet and is a gentile giant.  Like most albino Great Danes, she is deaf with limited vision.  Having an albino Great Dane in my studio was a tremendous experience – The BEST.  Especially since I am notorious for making interesting sounds and calls to grab my dogs attention. I would do this for a couple seconds before realizing that she cannot hear me.  I would giggle to myself each time I would do it and then realize she cannot hear me.  Oh she was a doll…a jewel!

Her photoshoot was indoors for a charity mini session that I held for local Animal Shelters. It was so adorable watching her get up on my chair to pose for the camera.  At one point she just looked at me, backed up, and plopped her Great Dane bum on the chair cushion.  This was priceless.

And then we posed her on the couch…my goodness when she stretched out, she was almost the same length.  These were my favourite images.  I loved her white colouring on my pink couch.

I hope to meet Jewel again and have an outdoor session.  That would be incredible.


National Pet Day / Candra Schank Pet Photography

Woof Woof! Happy National Pet Day!

You love your pet and your pet LOVES you.

Tuesday April 11th was National Pet Day.  To celebrate our fabulous pets, I held fun mini pet sessions.  For two of the sessions I went to the pets home and then the rest done at my home studio. Oh what fun we all had and lots and lots of special memories were created! Over the next little while I will post separate blog posts to highlight each amazing pet session.  But for now, here are a few teasers.

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Pet Photography National Pet Day Mini Sessions / Candra Schank Photography

Pet Photography by Candra Schank Photography
Pet Photography by Candra Schank Photography

Hi all, April 11th is just around the corner.  Woof Woof! It’s National Pet Day.

Spoil your pooch with a fabulous photoshoot with yours truly and you will get lots of Thank You licks and kisses…lol from your pet, not me 😉

I still have spots available for my Pet Photography Mini sessions on April 10th and 11th.  Contact me today and spend National Pet Day with your Best Friend.






Pet Photography by Candra Schank Photography. Owen Sound Pet Photographer. Grey Bruce Pet Photographer.
Pet Photography by Candra Schank Photography

Candra Schank Photography